Feb 6, 2016
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I hope you can view all of the pictures of this NOT JUST A ROCK TREASURE ''' That I found here in Southern Oregon. I am by no means any kind of expert when it comes to Identifying Ancient Artifacts and I'm a green horn as far as rock hounding. BUTT. I can relate to having Gold fever, mines been running hot on trying to jam all this information in my head since I started. It is so true when we hear the fraise '' Its about the hunt'' lol
Soo anyway tell me what you think, I just recently found this ever so interesting book that I believe answers a lot of questions about this rock I am sharing with you all, you know 1 thing that I can say, Is its not very ofter I don't believe that any of us can say we find rocks as this one all the time. Yes there are rocks out there that of course always have some form of Pareidolia,,aa image in it that reminds you of something. Like when we see clouds in the sky that remind us of something,, Butt not as this rock has it it,,if you really look at this rock there are so many images within it,,It make it that much more Unique, So much that Ive thought that I MAY BE LOOSING MY MARBELS LOL,,BUT,,ITS REAL Its not a matter of seeing things that are not there,,because,,look closely,,,Its so there it feels unreal,,''right''Please don't tell me,,yes,,you have lost your marbals,,or got the worse kind off fever ever,,it cant be possible can it?? Well,, then let me have it,,tell me what you think of this treasure. thanks,,what ever you got to tell me,,tell me it all..:occasion14:


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Your ebook file opens for me, but the other file will not open in any of my browsers.

Oh my gosh, I'm sorry ,,I'm trying to figure it out right now, I wonder if everyone else that has viewed it is also having that problem,, gosh I will figure out ,,thank you for letting me know.

can anyone give me some ideas on what I need to do to make my pictures easier to view??

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