1. Rock?, Meteorite?, Or crystal? & It's magnetic!

  2. Rock?, Meteorite?, Crystal? Also magnetic.

  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Strange meteorite or precious metal!? HELP!

    So I have had this piece of meteorite or possibly a precious metal. The size is decent, but the weight of It is 3 times it’s size. It’s NON magnetic, it doesn’t corrode, rust. I found it and it was that dark oxidized color then used my air grinder with a 60grit pad and took the top layer off. I...
  4. Xenolith... or something more? Help please :)

    Look, I found a thing! My guess is its a xenolith, although others have suggested its some kind of fossil. It was found near Vancouver Canada. What do u guys think? Can anyone ID this rock?
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What kind of rock is this?

    What kind of rock is this? Here are some photos from different angles. Thanks.
  6. Shimmering, rough, rock. Need help identifying.

    Hi! We are trying to figure out what type of rock this is. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The rock is very shimmery and the photos don’t do it justice. Extremely rough. Not magnetic. The rock itself is a black, grey, green color with many sparkles. Found near the American River in...
  7. Is this worth anything?

    I doubt very much that I would actually sell it. The this piece had gone through quite an epic journey to get to the place where it and I would meet, sparking new avenues of interest in me, and ushered in a personal evolution in my life through the learning of how its life kinda single handedly...
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Need help with identifying this rock

    It's made of little vertical crystals, the crystals look like sugar, some parts of the rock reacted to acid solution. I found it in İzmir/Turkey. What could it be?
  9. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is this rock?

    -Found in Sweetwater, TX -Non-Magnetic The closet thing I can find is the Odessa, TX Meteor Creator Museum's meteorite.
  10. My girlfriend got me this rock from Norway, can anyone id it?

  11. Need help with identifying this stone

    Here is some information about the stone: İt's transculent, hard, has moss trapped in it, it's been used for a tool.
  12. I Need Help with Identifying Three Different Rocks

    I was searching for sparking rocks and I've found these three rocks. I've managed to start a fire with the white stone so I think it is a piece of flint, or maybe I am wrong. The other ones spark a little bit too. Can you help me with identifying them? I've found them in Turkey. It is going to...
  13. I need a pro rock identifier!

    I need this rock identified please and thank you. It has a waxy appearance. From Payson area from what I understand (maybe?) A gift from a friend before they passed. I have been wanting to get it identified and this is my first real attempt. The rock shops near me are closed and I'm super...
  14. Meteorite?

    Hello! Someone gave me this rock, they said it was a meteorite. So I would like to know if it is really a meteorite and/or what it is. It's heavy, and has a lot of different and special parts on it.
  15. What the fossil are these?

    Here is another find from the Bloomington, Indiana area. It was covered in moss in the woods a little ways from Indian creek. I thought it was a geode because of the unusual shape, but once I started soaking it to dissolve the rock, I realized it was a fossil. Now to just figure out what kind...
  16. Pitted rock??

    Found this pitted rock in a field in the Florida panhandle. Any ideas??
  17. Weird rock found in FL swamp

    Found this on the banks of a large cypress pond/swamp in the Florida panhandle. It is not metal! Any help in identifying what it is would be very much appreciated.
  18. Interesting looking rock

    Went on a walk around my private woods and found this interesting rock (interesting to me at least). I was wondering if any of you had an opinion on it being used as a fire starter of sorts or if it’s just a dumb rock. Thank you all for any suggestions!
  19. Meteorite or rock?

    Meteorite or rock? Found this today kind of looks like possibly a Chromite meteorite but not sure so hoping some one could help. Browsed some pictures of small Chromite meteorites on google images and seen some similar. Dimension is about 1.5" diameter and about 40 grams heavy. Not magnetic...
  20. Possible rock, fossil something else

    This was found Southern Oregon coast. It was very different from anything surrounding. Shiny outer skin. Smooth under loupe. No noticeable mineral. I have exhausted all of my research resources. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Tried to include photo with and without flash. Heavy for...