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Jun 19, 2007
Hey Fellow Trovers has anyone found anything new as of late? I've just got some ramblings here.On pages 22 & 23 if you take a strong manifying glass or loop you can sorta make out what appears to be words in the wings of some of the darklings could be or maybe i want it to be. An as MS has stated in released clues This is a treasure that we dont have to leave home to solve.Okay,well then what are we looking for? i'm thinking the place to locate the treasures(i.e rings) and a number to call. Cause how else would you be able to locate a ring that may be in any other country,personally i dont think that all the rings are in the U.S only by the mere fact that the rules are in 4 different languages. Like i said just some mere ramblings...........

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