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Aug 18, 2012
New Mexico USA
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Reading an historical record of the town of White Oaks I came across this account
from the Albuquerque Journal.
"The town of White Oaks was staked out in the spring of 1880, and by the end of that year it contained dozens of flourishing businesses including mercantile stores, saloons, drug stores, gambling halls, an opera house, a bank, and a news paper called The Golden Era.
Proprietors of the Pioneer Saloon sold three different grades of whisky at three different prices- all of it taken from the same barrel."
From Minerals of New Mexico by Stuart A. Northrop UNM.


Jan 30, 2011
Worked a small placer operation there in the summer of 82. We could only run for about half a day due to the lack of water, even with recycling!


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Oct 12, 2009
New Mexico
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Unfortunately, not really a ghost town anymore. Most of the old buildings are gone, and those remaining aren't vacant, a good number folks living there, and a bar with a neon sign. I cant think of any place in town proper that you could detect without trespassing. Above town in the hills to the East are a number of abandoned mines. Might be some detecting territory up there. Very familiar with this area, as we had a family hunting camp there for 60 years, and mine mining claim is only 15 minutes away.

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