White's Eagle Spectrum with New Blue Display and Li-FE Battery Pack Mod

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Apr 20, 2012
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White's Eagle Spectrum with New Blue Display and Li-FE Battery Pack Mod

I wanted to share with everyone on the forum my White's Eagle Spectrum
with a new "Blue" display.
White's did the replacement as a special request for me when I sent in my Eagle Spectrum for a tune-up.

DSC01675 (2).jpg DSC01676 (2).jpg DSC01682.jpg

Check out my short video of new display.

Also, I personally modified my battery pack to use a Li-FE "Lithium Iron 6.6 volt" battery.
This pack is rechargeable and is rated at 6.6 volts at 2100Mah (2100 milliamps or 2.1 Amp hours) nice!!!!
Very simple to do, with an added benefit of simple removing rechargeable Li-FE pack to revert back to original
4 "c" cell use. Li-Fe battery fits perfectly in original battery case. when you install new setup, leave top of battery case off.
I simple pushed the positive and negative wires securely under battery case contact tabs.

Battery is a Gens Ace Li-FE 6.6 V 2100mah.
Gens Ace 2100mAh 1C 6.6v LiFe- lithium phosphate Battery
Item# 98P-Life-1C-2100-2S1P

DSC01690 (2).jpg DSC01691 (2).jpg DSC01695 (2).jpg DSC01700 (2).jpg

You will need to use a hobby charger to properly "balance charge" the battery pack correctly.
Set your charger for Lithium Iron batteries. Plug battery "red" connector on pack to charger. Also, plug white connector on battery to "balance board" on charger. Then make sure it is set for 2 cell charging. This will make sure charger is set for 6.6 volt charging. Also set charger to "balance charge". Everything else is automatic once charge is started.

I use a Thunder AC6 Smart Charger priced at about $48. You can get these at RC hobby stores, RC helicopter web sites, etc.

Treasure Hawk


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Mar 23, 2017
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Mar 9, 2012
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Relic Hunting
Nice looking display.

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