Yesterdays hunt with TheSilverfiend


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Jan 1, 2007
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Yesterday's hunt with TheSilverfiend

SF called said let's go and we headed towards the historic district of town. Saw several homes where the landowners were outside and I got us permission. The first spot produced 3 of my better finds.
1907 Indian Head cent
2015-04-23 23.35.59.jpg

And this 1936 merc.
2015-04-23 23.35.18.jpg
2015-04-23 23.34.55.jpg

And finally the oldest coin, an 1883 Indian Head.
2015-04-23 23.34.20.jpg

To be honest SF found the oldest silver with a 1916 Barber so he took home that win.. But we are heading back tomorrow to continue the competition...
2015-04-23 23.33.52.jpg
I also found several homemade fishing weights, a buffalo and a baseball charm. The older wheats were also common... Most were teenagers.

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Jun 4, 2012
Northeast PA
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looks like a good day digging!, permission always feels easier when the homeowners are already outside

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