1. Update: There was a cellar hole out there: Bells, buckles, a baby’s ring? & baby’s first axe!

    Update at bottom in form of comment👇 had this marked as a potential site, from searching around my area on lidar. Did some more research on it last week. I also drove by to realize it was public property, so I went out there yesterday early afternoon and stayed until dark. It’s a lot bigger...
  2. Tombac Crotal bell?

    Found at an old grist mill ruins in eastern Pennsylvania. I’ve pulled Crotal bells before that were bronze/brass but this came out silver and shiny. If my research is correct, I believe it is white Tombac, they would add 1% arsenic to the alloy that would give it the silver appearance. I found...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Animal bell?

    What is this animal bell from and how old is it? It seems to be copper-plated iron and still clangs!
  4. Bell of some sort

    I?m an avid sea glass hunter but today I found this small bell on the beach in New Jersey. Would love to know what type of bell this is. Looks old to me. Metal and rusted. Looks handmade in my opinion. It?s 1 1/8? inch across base and around 1 1/2? height including the portion to hold. It feels...
  5. Found Antique Bell, can anyone help ID?

    Hello, new to the forum. Hoping someone can help me identify this antique bell (At least we assume it's a bell) we found on our NH property. There appears to be "EV" carved into 2 corners, not sure if that would be a maker mark or something else... There's also a metal rod with a loop on each...
  6. Tennis ball sized Bell

    Mid-Late 1800's farm house property, got permission a few months ago, but ground froze before I could detect it. Been waiting all winter to get out there. Very first target was a rough 1865 IHP. Got another couple indians, one really nice and a rough 1838 large cent. When working an area...
  7. Old Sleigh Bell Found... Really Cool!!!

    Found this really neat bell at an older playground. It was sitting in the sand where the structure was... how did it get there??? Maybe a kid was playing with it and lost it there...? It was only halfway buried. How old do you think it is?
  8. ✅ SOLVED What is " Militermissionen" ? -- As Inscribed on Washington DC Cigarette Case

    What is " Militermissionen" ? -- As Inscribed on Washington DC Cigarette Case Any guesses on this.... I guess this is a cigarette case with wooden liner. Weight: ~1.4lbs It's scratched but it appears to be inscribed: "Militaermissionen (one word) Washington DC 1957-1960 " Backside...
  9. Old field finds - gun pieces ??

    Hi was hunting in upstate NY found an ox shoe and some odds n ends but today I found an assortment of old old something's and in a diff area a bell too - can anyone give me an idea of these old molten looking pieces ?? Thanks for any ideas :)
  10. Help to ID Old Cattle/Cow Bell?

    Hi all,:hello: I'm new to this forum and hoping you guys can put me out of my misery by helping me identify this lovely old bell. Having spent weeks trying to research and identify the makers marks and the unusual symbol (star?sun?) :BangHead: I really need a second pair of eyes on this one...
  11. Had a good harvest this morning in garden !

    Did better in the garden today than with the detector later! Looks good to me !!
  12. " NO CLAD TODAY!!! " < One maybe two First! >

    Today is most likely the last day for hunting Gran's field since it has been planted but today even without "CLAD":laughing7: it was a great hunt and I just might have gotten two first! The first one is a definite I have absolutely positively never ever dug a bell till today ! :treasurechest...
  13. Antique Steam Locomotive Bell

    Does anyone happen to know about Steam Locomotive Bells? I have this bell that I got from an estate sale, and I have no idea about how to get it priced/sell it. Can someone point me in the right direction?