button (rare)

  1. 🇺🇸 A Presidents Day Relic.

    What's beneath the surface has always fascinated my curiosity. This remarkable relic was recently unearthed on our past Presidents day here in the States. I know what a 💩📺 🤣 at the moment but, let's not loose topic! Unknowingly, I was unaware of this relics identity & past purpose...

    Please help. I found this at a known 1800’s homesite in NC. It is a button about the size of a quarter. The back is unremarkable with a broken shank.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Odd Virginia Confederate Button W. Wildt & Son

    I recovered this button locally at a site that has produced relics dating from 1810 to present. I believe it is a Virginia State Seal button, probably Civil War, but the backmark is very odd. The button is brass, but not too corroded for having been in the ground over 150 years. It has been...
  4. ✅ SOLVED OUV button possibly? But how?

    This button appears to have the letters “OUV” on the front and “WALKER No” and “KING STREET” on the back. This is from an early 19th century site in North Alabama. Research suggests it is an Oxford University Vols button, but that would be pretty hard to imagine being found here. Any...

    :headbang: I scored this beauty today with the Garrett Ace Apex! Found out it’s very rare, being told only 1 of 8 known to exist!

    Well it happened! My girlfriend found a block I button yesterday & I said that I would get mine tomorrow (today) and boy did I! I told my self long ago that I would never find a buckle or a confederate button in my hunting career, but I was proved wrong. dig every target no matter how bad it...
  7. Early Naval Cufflink? Rev War or War of 1812.

    New to forum found this yesterday. Curious on your thoughts of when it is from. My facebook group thinks Revolution or 1812. Has anyone seen this one? Google image searching hasn't helped
  8. ✅ SOLVED Please identify this War of 1812 button

    Item is pewter, and as you can see, very small. I can see an Eagle and “RR”? in a circle beneath the eagle. Please suggest a type out of Albert’s book.
  9. War of 1812 Accoutrement or Art?

    From a site occupied by military forces from 1810-1817. Item appears to be brass, but may be pewter. Note pin on the back. No other markings.
  10. ✅ SOLVED Possible Early Military Button?

    Brass, 21.55 mm, I believe the backmark says “CARTER” and “STREET”. Any thoughts on what this is and how I can clean it to make it more readable? From a pre-1812 fort in the southeast.
  11. ✅ SOLVED Early cuff button from 1808-1816 Fort. Possible Revolutionary or Washington.

    Thirteen arrows extending from a 13 pointed star. Thick outline. No back mark, shank intact. One piece struck. Circle in the middle of sun/star. 12.76 mm. Recovered at a pre-1812 fort. Not in Alberts. Thinking Revolutionary War period or early state militias, but can find no info. Any...
  12. Button I found yesterday

    Another button! It's pretty corroded but you can make out Jaynell on it. After looking over my other buttons, I have another jaynell button. Can't find much information on the name other than Jaynell items are rare.
  13. 1739 britannia button, please help with history

    Hi i am new to the sport and would love some input, thank you all
  14. Some Old British Button?

    I found this button, there does not seem to be any pictures of it anywhere, but if someone could help me identify it and tell me if its worth anything that would be great.
  15. Republic of Texas navy button

    Hello, I would like some information about this button. Mfg. date? Real or fake? Value? Thanks, Paul
  16. Help Identify button with white glass top

    I recently found this button and could use some help identifying it. It has what seems to be a white glass front on it. Definitely not plastic. The back is heavily corroded and I haven't tried cleaning it with anything other than a toothpick yet. Here is some history on the site it was found on...
  17. Early Nation Diplomatic Button

    I just asked this question on my 'What is it?' post, and immediately saw this thread. Sorry! I have a button that has been identified as "a Diplomat button, though in these early years, they may also have been worn by military officer's. It is a rare find. The button dates to the 1790's-18...
  18. ✅ SOLVED Another possible rare button?

    This was also found digging in the front yard in Charleston. We cleaned it up with some naval jelly. It's a flat button with what appears to be a version of the presidential seal on it. The top banner says 'E Pluribus Unum' and the back says 'Gilt'. How old is this, and who would've worn it...
  19. ✅ SOLVED Maybe rare button?

    Found digging around in Charleston. It has the South Carolina seal on the front and 'G Floyd & Co, Super fine' on the back. I can't find much of anything on Floyd buttons online... How old is it, and who would've worn it? Thanks! Normal camera: I tried to use instagram to highlight the text...