1. A day of Uglies

    It was a short hunt, 90 degrees today. $2.83 post ‘65 Clad 1 1951 Wheat. 1 Copper too corroded to identify.
  2. Gas money

    Made a quick stop by HEB for a few groceries, got my first luck of 2022. 20.91 in total Hoped for silver to be in the mix but there was none :/ Even though I've asked this question in the past I still don't get how CS users miss the tray :icon_scratch: Happy hunting everyone :occasion14:
  3. OLD TOKEN with a MOVIE STAR on it!

    I was at the railway tracks with my new bounty hunter land ranger pro and searched where I found a 1930-40 baby carriage wheel at the tracks. I got a quarter signal. I pulled out this flat circle that I thought was trash in till I took a closer look. I saw faint words on it so I kept it and...
  4. Really Neat OLD COIN With a HOLE in it!

    What do you think about this dime? It's weird... it's so shiny like tin foil it almost doesn't seem like it could be silver. That's why it's not clear... too much glare. Also why does it have a hole in it?! Right by the hole it looks like the shiny stuff is chipped... could it be siliver plated...
  5. Shiny 1937 penny!!!

    Hi, do you think I could sell this coin? It still has quite a bit of nice shine to it. What price should I ask? Should I sell on ebay or kijiji? Please answer if you know anything about this coin or if you have a suggestion. Thanks! Have a great day! :)
  6. VA beach finds from this week

    This week's haul included a junk ring, tons of clad, a 2017 charm, and a WW2 bullet jacket (and scrap metal). I didn't have the best of luck but I had a great time. Maybe next time, right?
  7. Surpassed $10 in Clad and Added to the Bullet Pile!

    Hey everyone, It has been a while since I have been on the site and posted my finds (partially due to the winter weather :)) so bare with me if I am a bit rusty at my thread post. My Father and I went out yesterday (2/20) to 2 different sites to hunt. First we went to this low-key city park...
  8. Massive coin spill for me at least !

    Well you know what they say about detecting and timing being important with the zinc cents in circulation you need to get them off the ground before they rot. I had a tip there there was some little league baseball tournaments about to occur so I found out from them when they expected them to be...
  9. Little lost "Teddy" saved & some clad plus weird chain.

    Heres todays totals: Not sure how the little chain was worn it read 08 on conductive ETrac. Any ideas ? Ring read out like a copper cent. Rings inner marking: Hope you enjoyed visiting , better hunts to ya !!
  10. A little variety today make the hunt okay !

    Had some variety today a little fiery "Bling!" and then a weird pen (maybe it used to light up) Todays nickel count was good at twelve. And a quarter sandwich was a fine way to end the days hunt too ! :occasion14: Last but not least todays trash dug :
  11. The pyramid of detecting staples.

    The detecting pyramid of staples is comprised of Quarters, Dimes, and Nickels. With Cents no longer comprising or yielding any major impact in the takes quotas at this site. Also as you can see the majority of finds are not fresh drops either, pointing towards the decline of the change economics...
  12. GP 925 and some bling makes the outing fun !

    Found three rings today one looks to be decent the other two are kids rings. Photos of the GP 925 ring. The rest of todays finds minus the mystery item. Todays mystery item, seems to be a rattle or percussion noise maker. The copper is very brittle. Hope you all are getting some hunt...
  13. Learning my AT Pro - Check out My Finds (First Gold!!!)

    I've been enjoying the MD hobby now for about 2 months and the more I get out there, the more comfortable I get with the AT Pro. I'm finally at a point where I can hear a signal and pretty accurately guesstimate what it's going to be when I pop it out of the dirt. This is how it's been going...
  14. 2nd Time Out - Beach Hunt - Clad, 2 Bullet Casings, Junk and WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

    Took my AT Pro to the beach for the 2nd time ever. Found some crusty clad, a house key, 2 bullet casings, foil and pull tabs aaannnd I have no idea what this big thing is. Weighed about 100 Lbs. Completely rusted. Any ideas?
  15. a few relics make the hunt better !

    Had a very strong signal and got the clock movement housing and next to it was a car ignition switch cylinder also, go figure ! The round brass item looks like it could have had several uses. Started the hunt late today because of the heat and humidity so my hunt was even shorter than usual...
  16. Cleaning clad coins- the easy way

  17. Old style phone charm !!

    You know what they say theres always one item of interest, found it with my pro-pointer while digging for another signal =D It reads 15 on conductive on my machine thats just a bit above regular nickels.Got really good nickel count today also ! Hope you enjoyed the post ! Happy Hunting to you...
  18. Big Ice Day or "2 big 2 b Tru !"

    The weather was perfect for hunting today and the ground moisture was about perfect a rare combination ! Had a very enjoyable hunt with good nickel count 18 and more quarters than usual 11. On heading out I did get a huge CZ ring and when first light hit that stone it was a bit of a heart...
  19. Ready, Aim, Fire ! ! Silver Military Medal

    Todays trash: The WWII US Army rifle proficiency badge, was my good find of today. Think this is a first silver military medal finding for me! Quite a thrill it was and unexpected in the ground. Got a 1946 silver dime also so it was a double good silver day ! Total finds for the day ...
  20. Clad and a kids ring, good nickel count.

    At least todays hunt yielded one ring, that read out at 19 low pull-tab range. Got good nickel count. At least there was a nice breeze outside today so hunting was more fun ! Todays Trash : Todays Goodies : Thanks for checking out todays finds ! Have a great hunt !