1. ✅ SOLVED Is this a coin?

    I found this and need help identifying what it actually is. I'm unsure of the type of metal it's made of. Its heavier than a quarter and real close to the same thickness. There are only 2 visible inscriptions that I can see. One is (C.W.), stamped on both sides, and the other appears to be the...
  2. Bottle

    Bottle If you look carefully close to the bottle, there are some shaped particles???? what are they? at the back of the bottle there are numbers then at the end of the numbers is a circle (Gold) the bottle is heavy not like normal Same area the coin was...
  3. Wilhelm II - 5 MARK, 1913

    Hello, This coin Wilhelm II - 5 MARK, 1913 Found on Pemba Island's Zanzibar a decade ago by a trespasser mysteriously one of our collection added
  4. 1960's Thai Baht Coin?? (Not yet sure)

  5. This Estate is one big Coin Spill!!

  6. The Smith Estate, It was like a Slot Machine!

  7. ✅ SOLVED Help to identify symbol on this token

    Hello treasure hunters, first time posting here. I really need help to identify this token, it looks like indian or spartan-like head profile with seven stars around it. First time i see that kind of head profile on finds in Eastern Europe.
  8. ✅ SOLVED found in coin jar

    found this in my coin jar not sure where it came from or what it is. I have had no luck serching the web. any info or thaught would be appreciated.
  9. Help Identify...

    Hello, i found this in one of the ionian islands in Greece....looks like a coin! The only thing i can see on it is something that looks like a standing figure with something like a star on of of its head!(inside the green circle) Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. ✅ SOLVED any Idea's ?

    A friend found this the other day and we have know Idea what it is , we could use some help thanks, Jeff
  11. Gold Coin Louis XVIII

    Hi friends ! Today, I've found a french gold's coin ! Hope you'll like ! I'm very happy, it's my first gold coin Cheers
  12. Another Bucket List Find

    Found my first war nickel yesterday. Also a cap from a 1910s-20s Lehn & Fink toothpaste tube with some cool initials on it. Found another geocache that I think I found once before. I just looked at it and left it.

    I found this with a metal detector about 6” down. It was in the middle of the desert in AZ on private, undeveloped land that has been professionally excavated and lots of pit houses, trash mounds, ball court and other artifacts were discovered. I thought it might be a knock out from an...
  14. ✅ SOLVED Help me with this 1861 coin !

    Well sense I had my 2nd stroke (1st in 2016 and then 2017 ) I CRS . You know what I mean . I found this coin years ago . It is in poor condition . VERY THIN . Some idiot drilled a hole in it . It is dated 1861 . PLEASE don't think I'm crazy BUT I can NOT remember what it is called . It has three...
  15. Need some help Identifying Mystery Item??

    Hi Guys and Gals, I am new here and found something today out detecting that has stumped me!! No shank, very thick, slightly larger than a dime. Markings on the inside are a pitcher, I think a sword, and a crown with the letter G under it. I have no idea. It looks like a button but dont see...
  16. Any idea what this is?

    I found this coin in central PA and need help identifying it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  17. Cant match roman coin.

    A coupke of buddies and I went out detecting the other day and i found a roman coin. I believe it to be silver but cant find a match to both front and back online. Hoping someone here might know. As far as i can gather i think its valentinian on the front. Any help is appreciated
  18. can someone help identify this cartoon token??

    Hi! Just a psa that this is my first time on here so I’m sorry for any mistakes :-). Im still quite confused lol. I found this cartoon coin in my piggy bank. I assumed it was a chuck e cheese coin but I’m starting to doubt myself :/. I think it’s a looney tunes coin? Not sure. The top says...
  19. Roman coin ?

    Hello everyone ! I think I've found a little roman coin... GL and HH
  20. Morgan silver dollar

    1881 no mint mark good condition with original luster.