1. More silver today and a compass too...

    16th & 17th silver coins for 2013: 1953-D quarter, 1917 Mercury dime (pretty decent grade for this 96 year old coin as well) Also 6 wheats: 1916-D, 1918, 1919-S and some newer ones from the 40's. Also a Taylor Bakelite Girl Scouts compass from the late 30's-early 40's (non-functional). Another...
  2. Likely bottle tip?

    Hi everybody, I know this 1800s cottage near my house,but there is a relatively new house built beside it.I have found dozens and dozens of modern(60s and 70s) lucozade bottles,etc,but I want to find old 1800s bottles from the cottage.The whole area is absolutely littered with junk from the...
  3. Closeup of sterling silver Moose Lodge ring

    Here finally are some closeups of the 9 gram silver ring I found. It's so big it's loose on my middle finger. Biggest silver ring I've found. Thanks Etrac!
  4. 15th silver coin for 2013: 1908-D Barber quarter also an 1884 Indian cent and a wheat

    15th silver coin for 2013: 1908-D Barber quarter. Also an 1884 Indian cent and a wheat cent. (22 actual silver items this year) My friend Jan and I hunted a yard I had permission for but it was a complete bust, not even a wheat cent. After he headed home I walked around the corner to an 1890's...
  5. A little bit of work on the river.

    I dug this hole out in a couple of hours with my buddy David, we got some nice gold. Secret location.
  6. Silver dime, silver ring, Trade token, Marine Corps buttons and 9 wheat cents.

    Not bad for a random yard hunt with the Etrac, Had to try 8 places before I got to hunt this yard. 1962-D Roosevelt Braided silver ring 1909, 1919, 1919-S,1928,1936,1939 and 3 newer wheats.(9) Trade Token from my town circa 1910 Old Marine Corps buttons
  7. New yard: silver...earring...wheats...

    Finally a day without rain AND the last day of my vacation! Beautiful day and some nice finds!
  8. Finally a place to search...and a few keepers.

    The place I started to metal detect Saturday but then got rained out from has no one occupying it now(all the students are leaving at this time of year), so couldn't ask for permission to look again. Knocked on 11 other doors on and around 2nd & Fess (here in Bloomington IN)trying to find a...
  9. The Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202

    Hello guys, I finally got my first metal detector (Bounty Hunter Pioneer 202) and have been metal detecting for three days. This metal detector is great. It is very sensitive. I have found small items up to about 10 inches deep.The discrimination mode works great (I have lots of rocks with...
  10. Better coin find from my first area using an Etrac.

    Better coin finds from yard I've been hunting with my Minelab Etrac. I put the nicer coins together for a pic, not shown are the several wheat cents I found. I've decided this is the best yard I've ever hunted for the amount of time spent searching it. This is the first area I have ever used the...
  11. Nickel roll finds 19 1938 BU nickels

    I bought one nickel roll from the bank and got 7 ms-65 1938 nickels 12 ms-63 1938 nickels 2 1940 nickels 1 1941 nickels 2 1947 nickels 1 1959 nickel 1 1960 nickel 2 1962 nickels 2 1963 nickels 6 1964 nickels 1 1969 nickel and 1 1977 nickel not bad for one roll :thumbsup:
  12. Today three hour yard hunt=3 Indian Heads 3 Wheats

    So for this one small yard I've been hunting I have a Walking Liberty half, Barber quarter, 3 Indian Heads and 5 Wheats: not bad! Love the Etrac!
  13. If you found a pile of rusty iron objects....

    If you found a pile of rusted iron objects detecting,would you take the time to try and identify and clean them,or just dump the lot??:happysmiley:
  14. The Detecting Lifestyle Weekly Radio Broadcast show.

    A new Radio Broadcast show called "The Detecting Lifestyle" will start on 3 Jan 13 and will be broadcasting weekly. Our first live broadcast will be on Thursday 03 Jan 13 and then on Tuesday every week thereafter. All details can be found at: The Detecting Lifestyle
  15. September is ending, now wake up to my weekly finds (9 half boxes)!

    Here is my weekly finds from 9 half boxes, reject tray gave me a couple of dimes, and CWR dimes: 16- 40% halves 2- 90% halves (Ben, Walker) 8- 90 dimes 1- 80% Canadian dime 3.6684 oz of silver at a current spot of $126.38 Here's to an even silvery October, autumn and beyond! :walk: