1. Green Stone Cufflinks

    Good afternoon, everyone. I’m a 16 year old junior, and I’ve bought lots of vintage dress clothes and some cufflinks off of eBay. I purchased this pair a few days ago. I’m quite curious if the stone is semi-precious or of quality, and if it was worth the $24 price tag. Either way, they’re...
  2. First Hunt, SILVER SCORE

    First hunt this year!! Haven't been detecting for a long time. So pumped that my first night out was a success!! Any guess on age for this vintage looking silver ring? And what about this button? Please comment if you have info. Thanks!
  3. Double Silver Score!

    Hello! Been AGES since I've posted. Scored 25 cent silver spoon at a thrift store. Possibly 2 silver ones. Can anyone help me identify the small Dutch one? Is it silver or not? Has markings but not sure. I know the other is (even though it looks goldish for some reason) because it says Sterling...
  4. Vintage Bracelet looks unusual

    Hello! Please help to identify the name, style or any information about this bracelet. There are no any marks. Thank you!
  5. Giant Silver Score at Work!

    Hello! I was lucky enough to find this chunky 16 gram silver bracelet at work. Unfortunately the customer didn't come back for it for 3 weeks. So I got to take it home. It looks homemade...hammered. no markings. 100% sure it's silver but not positive if it's only plated, or soild sterling. Any...
  6. Medieval Jewelry?

    I recently acquired 10-15 pieces of what I was told is Medieval jewelry. Some of it I can guess what it is. I have no clue what this piece is. Has anyone ever seen anything like what’s in the photo?
  7. Could this be a trade ring?

    Found this brass & glass ring in the yard of a 200 year old house in VT. The site has yielded items from as far back as the 1700s (eg, 1751 KGII halfpenny; pewter buttons & spoons) but mostly 1800s. The ring was about 10?-12? down. It?s crudely made. Nothing is symmetrical, not even the facets...
  8. Wallowing in memories

    Well, the last one died shortly after birth, so here we make a new baby. 40 years ago I had a great time in the Bahamas. A lot has happened since then. Probably I would not recognize the old places if I visited today. Some places might have changed less than others, like Great Isaak Key. When...
  9. My Jewelry Collection

  10. New and need help identifying some jewelry

  11. Please help identify maker of a diamond pendant vintage i think

    I think this pendant is vintage, it came from a property that was cleared after the owner had passed who had no relatives to collect their belongings. The diamonds to me look to be of very high quality. I can not find anything when I try to look up the marks on it. It has a 10K stamp to the...
  12. Gold and silver recovery

    My Grama gave us a ton of junk jewelry in several bags. I excitedly went through them all and was rewarded with two treasures- a 10k broken chain (weighs less then a gram, I don't have a jewelry scale), and a 925 silver earring!!! This is my second gold I've ever found. Also found these two cool...
  13. Should of Posted This Yesterday but my first jewelry find!

    I should have posted this yesterday but I'm new here and found my first ring yesterday! It's missing the stone, but I'm pretty sure it's sterling silver since it says 925 on it. I found on the grass on the side of the walking trail that goes around Lake Nokomis.
  14. Hi New Here I need Help Identifying? something

    I have found this necklace in a lot. I am relatively new to all this, and I am confused because of a discussion on facebook. Is this hang tag Trifari as I already thought it is. Or Karen Lynne? Also I Need confirmation is this piece actual or a knock off? I am having doubts now because, No...
  15. Found this charm, and I am confused ... what is it?

    I found this charm while detecting, and I am wondering if anyone has seen something like it... frankly, I am just confused as to what it even is. It looks like a bundle of logs tied together, or maybe some kind of flower bundle? It has the remains of a "Taiwan" sticker on the back, and it was a...
  16. JEWELRY for SALE~ 14k Gold~10k Gold~Sterling Silver

    Update: All of the 14k Gold, 10k Gold, and Sterling Silver are SOLD. There is some costume jewelry left. If anyone wants it for $15.00 + $3.00 SHIPPING, send me a PM. Hey Y'all, I'm selling my MD jewelry and have listed it below basically in order as shown in the photo. Be sure to...
  17. ✅ SOLVED Lord and lady elgin stone pearl necklace? Please help

    I cant find anything about this at all if someone could tell me what it is i would be so happy.
  18. yard sale SILVER RING!

    Found this 5 g. ring for .25 cents at a yard sale. It's worth about 2.30 in silver. It's out of shape sadly.
  19. 13 gram SILVER for $1!

    Found this silver medical bracelet at a yard sale and asked the lady how much she wanted. She said a buck so I got it. She had coin books there and I asked if she had coins for sale. She said she'd maybe put them out next sale... so I'll be stopping by there the next time i see a sale!!! (Lucky...
  20. ✅ SOLVED Symbol on Gold Piece found Metal Detecting Eye, Eagle, Man in Star

    Symbols on Gold colored Piece found Metal Detecting Any idea what organization this represents, what the symbols mean & age? I haven't been able to find a reference online. From what i can find is not KOC, Freemasons, or any i can find. It's about the size of a nickel, but thicker. I'm...