JEWELRY for SALE~ 14k Gold~10k Gold~Sterling Silver


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Oct 3, 2009
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Update: All of the 14k Gold, 10k Gold, and Sterling Silver are SOLD. There is some costume jewelry left. If anyone wants it for $15.00 + $3.00 SHIPPING, send me a PM.

Hey Y'all,
I'm selling my MD jewelry and have listed it below basically in order as shown in the photo. Be sure to send me a PM if you have any questions or want individual photos. Below are the information and photos.


1. Gold plated with red stone, very large & showy ring
2. Cloisonné Band floral outside & cloisonné solid inside
3. Wedding Band, large, not sure of material, maybe stainless steel
4. Copper, hammered dome shaped, adjustable
5. Copper Band, engraved
6. Wedding Band, marked only with 2 dots, could be silver or plated

Cheap Rings

  1. The next 10 rings are costume, cheap rings.

Religious Jewelry

1. The 3 Crosses pendants are not marked.
2. The Angle cutout & Pray charm/pendant are not marked. The Rosary charm is plated and showing age/wear.


1. Greek Coin Pendant, Pewter, Attica, Athens AR "Transitional" Drachma. It's really old looking, but SS said it was a modern copy. I'm not that familiar with Greek coins, so the new owner would make that determination.


1. Marked: Regis High School, New York, 1914; very heavy & thick.

Collegiate Challenge Coin

1. This is a vintage University of North Carolina Tarheels Collegiate Challenge Coin.


1. There are 11 pieces of miscellaneous costume, cheap pieces. There is one earring that appears to be gold with a pearl.

Jewelry 1 Without Gold (1).jpg

Jewelry 1 Without Gold (2).jpg

Southern Smiles :)
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