1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Barrel Key

    Please tell me more about this hollow barrel key. The only marks appear to be a “12” and a small “4” at 3 o’clock, and perhaps a larger “4” at 6 o’clock, all on the same side. There are three scratches or marks and since they are on both sides they may have been added. Based on the shape, I...
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED An old key.

    Its an old rusty key, it looks like half of it is missing. i found it near a lake in nicea (Bursa, Turkiye). it has two headed bird and laurel wreath symbols in it.
  3. Trying to identify this little brass or copper relic.

    Found this brass or copper relic, scoured the net for several days for its identity but no luck so I thought I would try here on the forum.
  4. Railroad Key

    Railroad Key

    This is a railroad key made by the Keystone Lock company of Lancaster, PA. Founded by E. T. Fraim in 1879 it operated until 1925. Found in NYC.
  5. Jug, Blob, Med, Key, etc.

    Jug, Blob, Med, Key, etc.

    Finds of January 27th 1. Parker's Hair Balsam 2. Peer-Amid Re Umberto 3. Fred Schierenbeck Bottling Co. 403-405 East 101 Street. 4. One Gallon Stoneware Jug 5. A little whiskey sampler 6. Brass key
  6. What was this key used for??

    I’ve never seen a skeleton with no teeth?? I don’t believe this is broken, does anyone know what this would be used for??
  7. ✅ SOLVED Small skeleton key found on treasure coast beach

    Small skeleton key found on treasure coast beach [SOLVED] Toy key My dad found this on the beach, im not sure what it's made of (cast aluminum, pewter?) But curious how old it might be! especially considering the ship wrecks in the area, though I dont think it's related. I cant really...
  8. Need help identifying these please

    Any insight would be appreciated. TIA!
  9. Model T Key with '56' Stamp

    You just never know what you're going to discover on this website from day to day. Just two days ago I was combing an area I had been over many times and dug this nice little green key. I ran it through the ultrasonic cleaner and noticed the '56' stamp on kind of a dotted background. Didn't...
  10. More Ford stuff! Road tear out and empty lot

    Went to an empty lot next to the highway where we found the religious text pressed coin, and found another religious pendant, and a 25-36 marlin bullet. Then we went to a street that's been torn out and worked on kind of recently and found two wheaties, 1939 and 1940. 41 cents in total modern...
  11. Help with what this old key is? No idea what it's for?

    Here are 4 pictures of my key, I think it's brass, it looks really old, no marks on it, I would love to know what it is for and how old it is. Thank you.
  12. Unique Skeleton Key Help

    So, we had a TON of rain the other day, due to Hurricane Cindy sending remnants up this way. We have an acre of woods that we have made trails throughout. For the first time, almost the entire woods flooded (rather then a small part that usually does), we all had a lot of fun playing in it...
  13. Old Skeleton Key

    Found this key in the Parma city neighborhood of Ohio. Stayin at an old 1918 farmhouse near the old Pleasent vally lake park. Sure did get my blood pumping. My first BIG find. Detecting is definitely my new hobby.:headbang::skullflag: Rich
  14. Musket or Gun Piece? Key. 1683 Mass Property

    Good evening, friends. John dug for an hour after work today and found this really neat looking brass piece, which we think might be a gun part. What do you all think? Then again, it could be something completely different like a window lock or other mundane thing.There's also a key which he...
  15. Assorted Relics and a Question. 1683 Mass Property

    Hello friends, John found an hour to detect today in the Rev War area on his property. He found a nice thimble, another tiny buckle, a pretty cool old key, and some sort of decorative and very delicate leaf-design "thing." ;-). Our one item that we have a question on is the long rectangular...

    Hi, i found a kind of key i guest or something like that, on one side says TWIGG on the other one says ENGLAND. Here the photos.
  17. Hunted an old park. Possible Civil War bullet.

    I hunted an old park today then went to a friends house in the neighborhood near the park. I'm still hunting with a BH beginner detector so the trash was making me work today. I will for sure go back, maybe tomorrow! Here are my finds. ID anything if you can! Thanks y'all! Small Bullet not...
  18. Fancy key and ring, input needed..

    Todays better finds here in Southern Cali. the area dates to 1800s-1930s.. Can anyone tell what the two marks on the ring are? Something fell off perhaps, a stone? Also, what kind of metal is the ring likely to be? & For the key. My guess would be for a jewelery box or something like that...
  19. My Best Day Ever - Philadelphia

    Went to Philly to get my marriage license with my fiancé. The main portion of her parents' home was built around 1719. I started metal detecting in November of last year and have learned on my Garrett AT Pro out here in California. I have never had a day like I had in Philly. List below (with...
  20. 2nd Time Out - Beach Hunt - Clad, 2 Bullet Casings, Junk and WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

    Took my AT Pro to the beach for the 2nd time ever. Found some crusty clad, a house key, 2 bullet casings, foil and pull tabs aaannnd I have no idea what this big thing is. Weighed about 100 Lbs. Completely rusted. Any ideas?