1. Bullets and cartridges from a WW1 battle site in Israel

    Hey guys, Some time ago I found some bullets and cartridges on a beach cliff in central Israel, would be glad for any help in identifying their origins and stories and any information about them that could be interesting. A bit of context: From what I know there was a battle in the area in WW1...
  2. ✅ SOLVED WW1 object

    Dug a WW1 brass or copper item on U.S. Artillery Range. 3? long. About 1? wide. Has wood inside one end and a pin in the other. Looks like it was on a 1? wooden rod. Pin side has a metal floor 1/2? down.
  3. ✅ SOLVED WW1 Brass object found on U.S. artillery range

    Any idea what this is? Brass found on a WW1 artillery range. The part of the range solders fired from. Not down range. It?s exactly 3? in length.
  4. I need help identifying if this a M1917 Helmet.

    So I found this online, the only markings it has been said to have are the markings of ZE29. I'm new to the helmet world so I have no idea what that means.
  5. German medal dated 20 - 8 - 29 with person's name.

    Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Has 20-8-29 date with name engraved on back.
  6. German imperial ww1 track medal

    This medal has 1. Preis 24. V 14 on one side. Other side has two men running. Not sure if this is an Olympic medal. Any ideas would help. Thanks
  7. Please help me Identify WW1 Doughboy Helmet

    I know its a British doughboy, but I don't recognize the marking. Could anyone tell me what it is?
  8. Royal Newfoundland Regiment hat badge from WW1

    I found this special relic a couple days ago on a field in a abandoned settlement. It is one of the best things I ever dug out of the ground. :icon_thumright: Here's the video where I found the badge:
  9. Authentic Prussian Long Service Medal?

    I bought this Prussian Long Service Medal a few months ago and just wanted to get a general consensus on if it's original or not. I don't know why my pictures are flipped, but if better quality pictures are needed please let me know! Also, if someone knows of a good web page, book, etc. that has...
  10. Franco-Prussian War Medals?

    I recently bought a pair of German medals that I honestly know very little about. The price was good and they looked authentic to me so I decided to take a chance on them. I did a little research and found out that the medal with the ribbon is a German or Prussian long service medal for 25...
  11. ✅ SOLVED WW1 Iron Cross Real or Fake?

    I recently bought a WW1 Iron Cross 2nd Class off of eBay. I have an authentic WW2 Iron Cross 2nd class so figured a cross from the first world war would go well with it. However, when I received the medal I noticed that it appeared thinner than my Iron Cross from WW2. I tested the core, which is...
  12. Just received family heirloom bayonet!

    Had to share! Story goes that my wife's great great uncle received this from his father when he was a child, sometime in the 30's I guess. Identified it using this awesome site (Bayonets of Japan) and I believe it's a Japanese Type 30, early WWII. Then again, though that one has the correct...
  13. WW1 pickelhaub helmet? Real or fake?

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and was curious to know what kind of helmet this is and whether it's an original, or a worn out fake. I've seen so many variations online when trying to identify it so it hasn't helped much. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. WW1 camp site

    So I found some WW1 bullets in a new site I researched the other day in MA from an old training camp.. Was interesting and was getting tons of hits everywhere. Only got an hr in, ticks were not good, got some permethrin for clothes and will try again tomorrow. Not sure what the tag is from...
  15. JAN 1917 Shell Casing

    I can't quite find out what this Shell was fired in, any help to find out what it was used in would be greatly appreciated! Markings on the Casing: 84 (most likely meaning 84mm I think?) SP67 St (meaning Strengthened case maybe?) 108 (probably the LOT #) it also has in big letters...
  16. Sword ID - Ottoman Empire German style WW1 Saber

    Hi everyone! I am not a collector – I would just like some help with an identification. My father-in-law is from the UK and has a sword that has been passed down from his grandfather who fought in Germany circa WW1. We are not interested in selling it, and are more interested in its origin...
  17. WW1 helmet markings

    I have had this WW1 American helmet of some time now but have never really taken the time to examine it closely. Upon my inspection I discovered markings that read H5 477. The 5 may be an s but looks more like a 5 to me. I need information as to what these markings mean. Speculations are...
  18. 1918 Artillery Shell Casing

    Hey, guys, hoping one of you can help a newbie out! I picked up an artillery casing at a military surplus store and I just want to know a little more about it. A lot of the identification markings are rubbed out but there is an indentation in the center indicating it has been fired. It stands...
  19. Does anyone know what time period these bullets came from?

    Trying to find out if these are from the old west,Civil war, etc ? We found them on our farm but not sure how they got there. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  20. WW1 Painted Helmet

    My father has a painted WW1 Marine Helmet. The entire helmet is painted. It has the words "AEF" and "France" painted on the helmet. On the front there is an eagle with its wings spread out and a bullseye. Does anyone know the history behind this helmet and its value?