Authentic Prussian Long Service Medal?


Dec 29, 2016
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I bought this Prussian Long Service Medal a few months ago and just wanted to get a general consensus on if it's original or not. I don't know why my pictures are flipped, but if better quality pictures are needed please let me know! Also, if someone knows of a good web page, book, etc. that has info. on this medal please let me know, as I am a novice collector :thumbsup: Any info is much appreciated!


According to Wiki it is a

Preussisches Diensauszeichungskreuz for 25 years (would go weel with the XXV on the backside).

Only for commissioned officiers and medical doctors.

Timeframe would be 1825 -1918

If it is authentic I cannot say, yet I doubt that this would be often forged.

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