Franco-Prussian War Medals?


Dec 29, 2016
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I recently bought a pair of German medals that I honestly know very little about. The price was good and they looked authentic to me so I decided to take a chance on them. I did a little research and found out that the medal with the ribbon is a German or Prussian long service medal for 25 years. It measures to 39mm exactly, which if my research is correct, should show that it's from 1870 or possibly WW1 but i'm not too sure. I haven't found out much on the other medal so was hoping someone could give me any details or info. on these medals and share any tips on how to tell if they are indeed authentic. Thanks!

IMG_4734.JPG IMG_4735.JPG IMG_4733.JPG IMG_4732.JPG

(Sorry the pictures are low quality and flipped to the side, I have no idea why it always flips my pictures on here :icon_scratch:)


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Here's the first one:
Prussian Dienstauszeichnungskreuz für Offiziere XXV
scroll down to ID 16 here:
PS: PRUSSIA. Long Service Cross for Officers for 25 years’ service (PREUSSEN. Dienstauszeichnungskreuz für Offiziere für 25 Dienstjahre), 1825-1920 issue. Gilt bronze cross pattée with stippled arms, with laterally-pierced loop for ribbon suspension; the face with a circular central medallion bearing the crowned cipher of King Friedrich Wilhelm III; the reverse with a circular central medallion bearing the Roman numerals ‘XXV.’ ( = 25)The award was instituted on 18 June 1825 by King Friedrich Wilhelm III to reward long and faithful service.

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