14K "fg" - SOLVED


Jan 15, 2006
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Re: 14K "fg"

We need a photo to give you a confident answer.
But I can say this:
Gold that is not solid is normally marked GF (Gold Filled), HGE (Heavy Gold Electroplate), HGEP (Heavy Gold Electro Plate), E (Eletroplate), GE (Gold Electroplate). It isn’t marked FG as for it purity or as for it being plated. I will take a guess without seeing it and say that the FG stand for the makers Initials, or the Manufacture’s logo.

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Re: 14K "fg"

You're right, Ant. I have the exact same FG inside my wedding band and I can assure you that is doest not stand for filled gold, not at the price I paid for it! :icon_jokercolor:

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Re: 14K "fg"

af1733, It is exactly like that mark. Capital F and the funky G. It even has the little "c" (COPYRIGHT?) inside the circle between the 14k and the "FG". Appreciate anymore info. Thanks, glory-days

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Re: 14K "fg"

That's the exact same way my band is set up, 14K circle c and FG. I'm sure it's referring to the designer or manufacturer. Nice find!!

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Re: 14K "fg"

af1733 said:
I'm sure it's referring to the designer or manufacturer.

Right you are! :thumbsup:

It's the trademark of Frederick Goldman, Inc.



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Re: 14K "fg"

WOW!!! Thats great. Thank you all for the replies. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST MD FORUM ON THE NET. Thanks, glory-days

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Glad you guy all answered my question I just found a ring marked 14k Fg 6.4gr happy day's that's 4 pieces of gold in 2 weeks with my G2

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I am having same problem….mine is——

Problem is it is a nice piece of jewelry (signet ring) with a beautiful but small diamond! ( almost positively real gold)


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