1715 Pot Sherd and Musket Ball


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Mar 15, 2008
Fort Worth, TX
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To my non-treasure hunting friends this looks like a broken flower pot from Bed Bath and Beyond. They're not too impressed. I knew I would have to come here to share my excitement with those "in the know".
I dove on the 1715 fleet in the 2020 season. Got quite a bit of pot sherds and other relics, but unfortunately no coins. The division process took longer than normal due to some legal issues. In this type of treasure hunting it seems drama is always close by! 😄
I recently got a call from the salvage company letting me know they were sending me some of the artifacts I found. I was super stoked as I didn't think I would get anything back. I thought that was awesome of them to take the time to sort out what we found and mail some of my stuff back. They sent one of my larger sherds, a musket ball and a piece of porcelain that has yet to be identified.






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Jul 20, 2023
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Awesome finds, especially diving to recover. Only been able to beach hunt down there, would love to dive those wrecks and find artifacts like those.

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