1. 1859 Fat Cent IHP and 19th c. button

    1859 Fat Cent IHP and 19th c. button

    The first ever mint year of the Indian Head Penny, the 1859 series fat cent. The button is likely from the same time period.
  2. Planchet error

    Hi, I found this cool dime with penny collar, anyone know if it's a dime on penny planchet error or what please?m
  3. 1984 Colorful Penny

    1984 Colorful Penny

    This image, I got from google, but I have one that I found last night, and while shining a flash light on it, there was a slight reddish-brownish tint to it, like it's reflective-ish. Does this penny have some sort of value, or is the color just from rust or oil? I can't tell, but it looks new-ish.
  4. 2007 Closed Am Penny

    2007 Closed Am Penny

    Like the 2004 Closed Am Penny, this one I also found (image from google) in my piggy bank, and it has a Closed AM, the labels FG is close to the edge of the bottom right corner of the memorial, and it has the mint label S on it. What's the value or does this not have a value because it's kinda new?
  5. 1974 Penny Misprint

    1974 Penny Misprint

    Ok, so this is like a normal penny, and I did get this image from google, but I found a 1974 Penny that has the mint label D on it, and the "In God We Trust" is cut in half at the very edge of the penny. So what is the value of this? Is it worth anything?
  6. 2004 Closed AM Penny (FG is spaced from edge), comes with Mint Label D

    2004 Closed AM Penny (FG is spaced from edge), comes with Mint Label D

    How much is this worth? I used images from google, but I have found these images in real life, and it's not exactly like the 1992 penny, but it's the same thing, just different year. So, what's the value of pennys that have the same print-mistake as the 1992, but different year?
  7. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Gear made from a one cent copper? Year ID?

    I found this gear which seemed pretty substantial and when I cleaned it up, it appears to have leaves and letters. I have twisted and turned it in the light and it seems to say “ONE CENT” and have a wreath. The onverse is more difficult to see. My best guess is between 1796 and 1804 penny based...
  8. Another yard hunt. Penny Spill.

    Took a trip to downtown again. Got permission to do the front of a ‘58 townhome with a small yard and no grass. It was a good 2 hours. No silver though:(. All copper cents were found within and area of 5 in! I’ve never found that many coins in one spot before:o. I also found a few unique...
  9. Went out for a hunt where two old houses were recently torn down.

    Just like the title said, I went out with my cousin to do some detecting at this house site by the tracks. We spent a couple of hours looking but with a combination of hard ground and there being so much metal, cans, and foils in the ground that my deus sounded like it was playing some...
  10. Toasted Old Copper! King George? Colonial?

    Hi everyone, I found what seems to be a toasted old copper coin while metal detecting on a local Chesapeake bay beach here on the Eastern Shore of MD. The most I can make of it are some lines and what seems to be an "EOR' word fragment; this thing is worn down to a disc. In addition to pictures...
  11. Coins as hedge against economic collapse.

    What's the scoop on collecting pennies, nickels as a hedge for if/when the economy collapses? I've heard copper pennies are worth much more than one cent. Nickels melt value is 4.7 cents. Anyone (else) hording these coins as a sort of poor-mans insurance policy? Looked for this discussion: If...
  12. Coin Shooting takes on a new meaning

    Was out with my 800 and 6" coil hunting the trashy park near my home. Was using park2 and testing my ability using the 800 to find good targets among the trash. I dug what I thought was a metal button. But cleaning out the dirt found it was a penny. In the same hole there was another target...
  13. 1998 Lincoln penny with diamond markings on head

    Is this common? I wouldn't know the term for what's going on Lincoln's head, but have I finally found something worth posting?
  14. 1980 Double Die Penny

    After months nose deep in coin gazing, I finally found a coin with an error. Anyone know how much they're worth?
  15. ✅ SOLVED Has anyone ever found this tiny coin ?

    I found this years back when I was able to metal Detect . Found it in a play ground in the sand . I know it's not that old , but just wonder why they were even made . They are the same as a regular size far as looks on both sides but very tiny . Sorry about such poor pictures . :BangHead:
  16. Where did all the SILVER GO?!

    Hi. I have found the following coins at various parks around my neighborhood: 1941 ×2, 1953, 1952 ×2, 1957 ×2, 1960, 1961 ×2, 1963, 1964 ×5, 1965 ×5, 1966 ×2, 1967 ×4, 1968 ×5. Excluding these I found a silver 1958 dime and a silver 1919 dime at a park that had quite a few 1950's and higher...
  17. WHAT ON EARTH is wrong with my penny?!

    So I found this 1965 canadian penny... but what is wrong with it?! And error?! It looks almost fine on the front... but on the back it say liberty and has a curved dent in it! Could it be that a u.s. penny got pressed into it??? HELP ME!!!!
  18. SHINY 1937 COIN!!!

    Hi, do you think I could sell this coin? It still has some nice shine to it. How much do you think it could sell for? Some people on ebay are selling less nice coins for 5 or more bucks. Thanks!
  19. Shiny 1937 penny!!!

    Hi, do you think I could sell this coin? It still has quite a bit of nice shine to it. What price should I ask? Should I sell on ebay or kijiji? Please answer if you know anything about this coin or if you have a suggestion. Thanks! Have a great day! :)