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Nov 21, 2013
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I have a at pro and been detecting for a year and half, also looking to add a big brother.I been listening to pros an cons.this one that one, which i s good that's what I want to here, but what I don't here is the inner workings like why is this coil better then that one.coils have cooper strains so if this one has more its better then that one and vice a verse a.also how much power from the processor is going to the signal from the would think the more power the deeper.If you could find out stuff like that you would just have to look at options this one has this that one has that,this ones better for this that ones better for that stuff like that.Which would stop all the he Be. I tried to find out, but had no luck. Does anyone no or have any idea. Thanks

I dont even know what the question is.....what are you asking?

How metal detectors work and where can you find out about stuff. Like on a electric motor or a drill even a toaster. Has information a bout the product so you can come pare them . If you had a metal detector you could plug in would it have more power. Does this stuff fall under a pattern law.

When I research myself detectors, ill call or email every single brand out there & request there newest catalogs because in those is all the specs of each machine will give you the entire breakdown to weight,height,coil type,frequencies,what its good for I mean theres alot of info,least then you can do an actual side by side comparison yourself without any info left out & hopefully all your questions would be answered. Good luck

I get what your asking, but honestly your asking for a miracle. No manufacture is going to give you all its trade secrets to compare with other manufactures. this would include things like reason for certain frequencies, current strength, oscillator current power, strength of magnetic field created, eddy current strength, there are simply too many things to consider, and really sometimes it boils down to who knows why it works the way it does. Also your coil question, the number of windings is relevant to the frequency of the detector and the material used in the windings. (a real basic way to look at it) Good luck good hunting!

Yes that was what I was asking.I didn't think I was going to get trade secrets.Just some common knowledge or a little beyond.I was trying to be as basic as I could with out needing a degree or insulting peoples intelligence.So if you look at the f75, there coils have fins is it just to look cool or to make people think its more than it is .I mean when I see fins I think of cooling down something plus its nice to keep them sales men on there toes thanks for the replies.

Im still gonna,go with email each company minelab,whites,xp,garret,tesoro,fisher,ect & in those catalogs they send you will have all the machines they have on there selling lines including all about each machine in its differences to another model

I will do that thanks

I would need a lot of extension cords to run an AC metal detector in some of my spots!

You know they make a cordless extension cord now . Lol

I think its calles an xp deus lol

Well played

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