Are these error Roosevelt dimes?


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Sep 13, 2015
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I found these in my change and figured it would make a good first post in a long time. If either of these are mint errors what value if any would there be? 20160810_133732-1.jpg20160810_133749.jpg

can you shoot the one that is NOT the 91P again? is that a CUD at the date or just a crushed edge? use natural light on light background in macro HQ setting

Also, not much need for a pic more than 1MB in size. Anything larger and I won't open, as I have data limits. But a 1MB pic of a coin can show tremendous detail!

I'll reshoot and scaledown when i get off work Saturday. Also on the 91P i was trying to highlight how deep the face is struck below the rim. Very thin coin

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