Assistance needed for analyzing load stone containing precious metals.I


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May 23, 2013
Detector(s) used
Various Seismic generators and magnetic anomoly detector equipment (MADs).
Primary Interest:
Cache Hunting
I have been playing a mature rock hound detective for a few years now and have found significant precious metals in some ore samples up here in New England. What I am most curious about is that the metals were found as little tiny beads instead of flakes or crystals. Part of my experience leads me to believe they may have a biological origin or possibly from underwater volcanic venting. What you see in the pics is real metal which did not dissolve in HCl or H2SO4. I will try nitric, but don't want to destroy any silver which needs to be tested also. I understand there is a whole rhealm of science that now needs to be applied. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Because the geological beliefs regarding my area, and because it is next to impossible to change the stand of the achedemic community, I am running into a few hurdles.

A REAL scientist would be nice right now, who is not afraid to voice a new theory.


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