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Dec 5, 2008
NW Arkansas
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I’ve got a Reaper coil I bought for my AT Max but it’s too heavy. I didn’t find out until I had put in on the Max that I just can’t do it after my 4th back surgery I’m recovering from. I used it maybe 30 minutes and it’s about 2 months old. Just trying to get a little of money to recoup my losses since I only used it that short of a time and then swapped it back for the factory. Never been in the water, or sand, used it in a fescue lawn. Got it from one of our vendors on here for $160+ tax looking to get maybe $125-$130. Still have original box, bubble wrap that says what it is on the wrapper that covered. It’s not too heavy for my brother, he likes to use his, but I’ve had chronic back pain since 2018, and the neurosurgeon who did it screwed me up worse so for three years I’ve been in pain until this last neurosurgeon took everything out replaced with all new parts and then made sure to add hardware to both sides instead of one. Ships to US for free,‘I’ll have it all packaged up already and ready to ship. PayPal, and also many other forms of payment accepted. Let me know if you’re interested in working a desk our. I also may take a trade. I’m into about anything manly


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