At what point do we tell the authorities about a dangerous site?


Apr 29, 2013
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Hey, I know this may be a controversial topic...I found a new site to research. I found this abandoned grassy site next to a mall with a couple old trees. I started walking through the area, noticed some field stone wall, red brick, grey brick, old trees with 1" bark coming off and about 40ft tall...found a fallen over chimney with grey brick and red clay square tubing...found 6" red clay piping, found stacked field stone square about 25' x 25' with caved in field stone 2' sides...also field stone caved in with moss growing on it and a hole between with standing water about 8" down like a flooded basement.
I was thinking of researching what has been there for the past 100 years, to see what kind of buildings have been there, as well as the floor plan of the last buildings that were there from the city records. After researching what was there, and who now owns it, I was going to get permission to scan the area for coins etc...THEN tell them oh, btw, I found a hole to a basement that may be dangerous for kids, if they were to follow "Bengie" into that area and fall into the hole.
The property is about 100-200ft from a main road with no housing nearby. My dilemma, is that I'm afraid that if I tell the authorities, about a possible dangerous site, it would now be off-limits to scan. Do we scan first and tell later, or tell first and take a chance at losing a good site?
Thanks for any feedback...

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If it were me, I'd hunt it first. The whole world is a dangerous place!

It’s your conscience. We can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do..

From your description it sounds it's been there in that condition for a period of time, in your research did you find any reports or complaints? If not, the site is not drawing any undo attention. Do what you feel is right,

When I was in the army, I once got dropped off by helicopter to do a navigation course. The helicopter dropped us off in the wrong landing zone. We were walking through an artillery impact area that was littered with unexploded rounds. We told them right away!

Tell what authorities? The police? "hello, police? I'd like to report a hole in the ground that looks like it's been there for a really long time." Yeah, that would go over real well. They'd probably laugh you out of the station.

I'd hunt it and say nothing to anyone. Like Tom said, the world is a dangerous place. It's not up to us the remove all danger from everywhere. The land owner is the one responsible for that. It doesn't sound all that threatening to me anyway.

I would ask for permission to hunt the site, without saying anything about the hole in the basement. After I am completely finished with the site, I would run the situation by the owner, as he may not be aware of any safe issues.

My $.02

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