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Nov 23, 2008
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If this dosen't bring back camping memories I don't know what will. It's that time of year folks! These are kids from are the Ecology stayover from yesterday. Singing camp songs and a talent show echoed through the hills. People tell me they can hear the laughter and singing in the summer and that they love it..Did you know that there were 2 of these kids that have never had a smore up till last night? That just aint rite! lol It's a 4th grade classs from Charlotte NC. I get the feeling they hadn't had oppourtunities to do much of this before. IT'S A NEW PROGRAM CALLED "GO" (get Outside) schools can come for up to3 nights.And study history,science and cool stuff like that! ....get out there and camp hunt and Fish!.....oh, detect too!


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