Chac Zutz detail stone tablet information help needed


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Apr 14, 2013
Saco, Maine
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I purchased these 2 detail pieces today at a yard sale. They are some sort of stone . What I found interesting is when I removed tape from information taped to the back it came of black. Kind of like a charcoal type thing. They are abput 4" each. They were purchased by an older couple in Costa Rica a long time ago. Can any one tell me more about them? The information taped to the back was" chac 003.JPGchac 002.JPGchac 001.JPG 86 Detail from the tablet of the Slaves palenque dated A.D. 730 Shown here is the head of the lord. Chac Zutz who sits crossed legged on either side of him placed a man and a woman carring offerings on their head".

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