1. New to TreasureNet

    Hello, I'm new to TreasureNet. I've been looking for any possible ideas on Google and elsewhere what this could be? My husband found it on his property in the house he grew up in, in Northern Ohio, and my father in law had it made into part of his fireplace. The story goes that when my...
  2. I was told this could be a memorial stone?

    hello all. Hope you’re doing well!! I found this when I was a kid on the bank of a river in northern Idaho just around the bend from a dam in Post Falls. I was told by a local rock guy that it looks like a kind of memorial stone I always thought it looked like a fossil but I was a kid. LOL...
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Stone fragment with what appears to be Latin letters

    I found this piece of stone on a rocky beach on the Oregon coast. As you can see, it has a small portion of what appear to be concentric rings with markings between the rings which give the appearance of being letters. Something with the shape of the letter “N” appears at least 5 times. Other...
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Carved boulder or just another rock?

    I recently came across this boulder while exploring in central AZ. Does this boulder (pic 1) look manipulated? If so, what do you see? The main boulder, about 5ft tall, has a support stone (pic 2) leaning into it from behind. The support stone and main boulder form a perfectly nested 90...
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Is this Chert?

    Hey guys, I’ve been trying to learn different rock types because I believe it’ll help me identify Native American artifacts out in the field. Is this a piece of chert? It looks like some examples I’ve seen online. It is really hard and I can’t scratch it with a steel nail.
  6. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Chrysocolla or Gem Silica?

    I bought this ages ago and cannot remember what it was. What do ya'll think? Im thinking its one of these.. or I could be wrong on both lol. Thanks!
  7. ✅ SOLVED Unidentified Deposits in Sandstone That Look Like Iron

    Hello all, I work for a local quarry, and I often find deposits in the PA sandstone that look like this. My boss wants me to figure out what it is. It is not magnetic. I also might add, it is very heavy compared to normal sandstone. Thanks!
  8. Stone Artifact in Wisconsin

    Hello. I found this large stone artifact while hiking this weekend, I thought it looked like an old weapon head or tool. It has hole indents on the top and bottom. Just looking for some information on what it could actually be, thank you.
  9. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What kind of rock is this?

    What kind of rock is this? Here are some photos from different angles. Thanks.
  10. So, this has me pretty stumped.

    Any ideas on this? I keep hearing "vesicular basalt" but this has me stumped. Found near Lone Mountain Nevada yesterday evening, was the ONLY rock like it within my field of view. It's heavy for it's size (about as heavy as 2 cans of pepsi), has what I think is a very worn fusion crust, has...
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What are these stone items I bought this morning at a yard sale?

    Hey guys! Just got home from an open market/yard sale thing and I found these beautiful stone things that I cannot figure out the function of. I thought they’re maybe for watercolor pigments and water but they’re too large. What do you think?
  12. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is this rock?

    -Found in Sweetwater, TX -Non-Magnetic The closet thing I can find is the Odessa, TX Meteor Creator Museum's meteorite.
  13. Need help with identifying this stone

    Here is some information about the stone: İt's transculent, hard, has moss trapped in it, it's been used for a tool.
  14. Maul This

    Possible Native American maul (left photo)? The only reason I ask is it was found in a collection with other 'actual' mauls that have grooves for hafting. Also, it does seem to have some tip wear. This is the only photo I have...
  15. Beautiful frog shaped rock...

    Find this in Northwest Louisiana. Multi layer with multi color in the close outline of a toad on top. Flip it over and there is a clearly a toad on bottom... there's a chipped "mouth" all 4 nubs where the legs are. And a little froggy tail between the back legs. Can someone please help...
  16. A

    What is this rock?

    Hello! I found this rock in Cooperstown, New York. It doesn't worth anything probably but I am curious what kind of rock it is? It looks like a snake skin/ reptile skin. I found something on Google about the snakeskin agate but my stone doesn't look really like that. Thank you!
  17. Please help me identify this rock? Crystal? Mineral?

    Hi, My name is Taylor, I am new to the forum. This is my first post 😊! I clear estate for a living and recently came across some interesting items. One of them is a black stone crystal type rock or mineral that has goldish? color specks throughout every stone. I have a handful of them and cant...
  18. Anyone know what type of rock is this?

    Hello, my dad has dig with excavator this stone 10 years ago in Italy, it was for a long time in house and i decide to find answer what really this stone is, i was searching like 10 hours but cant find anything similar? anyone have an idea what this is ?
  19. Hammer Stone in Saskatchewan, Canada

    Hi guys, I found this hammer/tool stone by my grandparents' farm here in central Saskatchewan. Any ideas of what its use might have been? Its about 4.5" long and 3" tall. Any input would be great! Cheers
  20. Did my son find a meteor?

    Did my son find a meteor? - No, appears he didn't... Hi from England. Family and I were down on the English coast today looking for fossils and my son found what we though was a lump of rusty metal. We let him bring it home so we could google it but no luck. I think it might be a stone meteor...