Contamination in the South Platte

Aug 17, 2013
Detector(s) used
eyes, pan, shovel..real advanced, hm?
Primary Interest:
I found a nice pocket in the South Platte River a few days before all the recent rain and so forth began, and now I can't access it due to all the nasty stuff floating around in that water at the moment. Does anyone have any idea when or if it will be safe for me to work said deposit again? Also happens to be in some gray and black clay which includes pieces of shale; wondering how much difference the matrix composition makes in how much contamination it will absorb or neutralize. I am not readily mobile, so I can't just pack up and go somewhere the water is cleaner. Truth be told, I am on the streets, and was looking to work my way out with a pan, so I really need to get at the deposit again. Any information/advice would be appreciated.

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I was 'on the streets" when I got started prospecting. I got a little help here and there but basically supported myself (no debts going in) for about ten years.
Finally got a job, and had about ten ounces for the safety deposit box. You can do it, its just not easy.

From watching videos and news stories I can tell it may be contaminated for a while. Ungodly amounts of trash/debris/randomness and peoples lives have washed away.

No one will be able to tell you when your spot will be ok. You have to use your best judgement and may have to be willing to accept some risk as well. Be careful however as all the gold in the world is worthless if your dead or compromise your health.

I don't understand how your on the streets but have a computer and internet access? Public library?
What ever your situation I wish you the best of luck.

Rubber boots, Rubber gloves, eye protection and let the water level go down considerably to reduce the possibility of falling in. Bad water in the ears, up the nose, in the eyes and likely down the throat is not good for anyone regardless of your street condition. Be safe, be sane best of success.................63bkpkr

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