Cozumel, El Castillo beach hunting


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Mar 3, 2011
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Pulse Star 2 Pro, Fisher CZ-21, Whites duel field, MineLab E-Trac
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Are there any members who have water detected or dived on the North East part of Cozumel near the ruins of El Castillo ?
I was wanting to know the water conditions along the shore line and in the water with a scuba outfit?
I have heard that its ruff water with undertow and BullSharks? Need to find any information about it.
Thanks all!

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first off you would have a HARD time getting upto that area. The road is a major challenge for 4X4 cars and anything you rent on the island says do not drive up the north road past Mescalitos. If you can manage to get there, there is nothing to detect. A small beach just to the north of El Castillo with lots of surf most days. And the military has been recovering drugs up there this last month so I don't know what they would think of you out there detecting. I have dove off that area a number of years ago. Sharks are not a problem though you do see them now and then. What are you looking for. No known shipwrecks off El Castillo.

hi, Gus,, I dont know if you got my private message, but its a shot in the dark, besides Ill be there on vacation on the west side and thought what the heck. Is there anything else you can tell me about that area to prepare me? I might even go up farther north towards the point, because all I know is a general area that that was about the only land mark out that way....


If theres bull sharks,Why would you want to detect there,seems a bit risky.Good luck.

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