Did I find a Platinum Nugget?!


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Aug 27, 2012
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Thread closed due to age. :D
This was platinum, and I sold it. :)

Heya everyone;

Question: Platinum or Silver or Other?

I found a small silver nugget today that I think may be Platinum.

I think it is right around 1/2 gram +/- and when I drop it in water it falls just as fast as gold.

I know lead does not polish well so I polished it with a cloth and Mothers Mag polish and it shined up perfectly.
I found a beautiful lead nugget two days before and tried to polish a side of it, it did not take the polish.

The only other thing that I can think of is that it might be silver.

If it is a Platinum Nugget, how do you figure a value on it?
Is it worth so many times more than the scrap value like some other gold nuggets?

Thanks Everyone.


These pictures are from my EVO 3D and are not the best photos, the nugget is dark silver, very shiny and bright on the edges, not gold like one of the photos shows.




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Jan 9, 2012
Summit County, Colorado
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Here is a link to a USGS .pdf file listing locations of relatively reliable platinum finds (for those curious): http://pubs.usgs.gov/mf/1994/2270/report.pdf What I found interesting was that I have a claim that shows a little bit of platinum and when I mapped out some of the locations in the document around the claim within 100 miles, my claim was in line with a north-south line that fairly closely intersects 4 other locations in this document.
Very good list! I can add Left Hand canyon in Boulder CO to the list. An Acquaintance has a small hard rock platinum claim there :) ...only recently discovered!

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