1. Open butt axe head identification help?

    Help with information? I can’t find anything like this. Guessing it’s forged steel by blacksmith. Unusual open butt design with forged pins.
  2. Dec 18 2021 The hunt for the elusive hardstone

    The hunt for the elusive hardstone Friday evening the rain started, a steady cool rain accompanied by strong winds. There was a strong front the week prior which brought record tornadoes to the Midwest including Bowling Green KY, the hometown of my wife’s family. Very thankful we sold our...
  3. Need help identifying Axe stamp or manufacturer.

  4. Found an OLD axe and crowbar in old trading route -- please help identify!

    Hi TreasureNet folks, I'm trying to figure out the origins of this pick axe and crow bar we found while exploring an old trading route. The pick axe has markings... maybe a "forge mark?" Does anyone have any insights, or even pictures of other axes they know about that match this one? Would...
  5. Axe Head in Two Pieces

    Hello Everyone, Found the two pieces to this broken axe head on two different days metal detecting in NC - imagine my joy when I realized they actually fit together 😃 Anyway, from what I?ve gathered so far in doing a little research, the head shape seems to align with the one I?ve seen on...
  6. Found this old Axe head near a Indian heritage sight.

    Hello! Had a interesting morning. Have had a of of rain recently, with a lot of erosion occurring in the front yard. Not only do we live on a hill that has previously been landscaped a total of 3-5 feet of digging to lessen the steep grade, but it's also right by a known river that a Indian...
  7. Brass Battleaxe

    Hi all , new here. Have posted pics of this item & would like to know more about it. 300mm long , 150mm wide , weighs 0.896gr. Obviously been used for something as lots of scrapes/ divits in the brass. Not so much interested in value but age , where , really the provenance. Cheers
  8. Inherited possible native artifacts, giant axe of some sort?

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance your help with these. My grandpa left pails of rocks in his garage when he passed, which after some investigation over the years I’m thinking might be native artifacts? Doing some spring cleaning so I decided to finally clean them up and snap some pictures to...
  9. Minnesota Trade Axe S touch mark

    There are some areas where our soil conditions are easy on the iron. After more than 20 trade axes, id have to say this one came out of the ground in the most pristine condition.
  10. Hardstone Axe 1951 looking for history

    Hello, Just looking for any thoughts on age or history of this axe. Thank you, Norm
  11. Found an axehead the first day we bought our Tracker IV! Need help!

    Can anyone help ID or date this axe? I'll be using electrolysis to remove the rust when I move in January, but until then it sits like this. It was found in Zaleski, Ohio. Any help is appreciated :)
  12. I need identification on my axe head

    So yesterday I was detecting and got a very good copper/bronze signal 8 inches down. Dug down about 9 inches in 30 minutes until I saw the edge of an object I tried to get it out but then I gave up and after some time to convince me to get it out I tried and it took me an hour to finally unearth...
  13. North GA artifacts?

    I fount these on our property. Obviously the one is an arrowhead but I'm not sure of the type or era. The other looks like a hand axe and then a possilbe grinder, both of these fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. Any help or ideas?
  14. New Hunter, First Find

    First off I would like to say hello! I'm new to the forum and I'm excited to start learning. My brother got me interested in hunting for artifacts after he found about 7 nice points while at college over the last several months. Listening to him tell me about their history and what they're...
  15. need help with Id possible axe, celt, etc??

    need help with id???
  16. axe, celt, tomahawk etc???

    does anyone have any ideas what this may be??? appreciate any info
  17. Guilford Axe Anybodys thoughts opinions. Rowan County North Carolina

    Guilford Axe Anybody's thoughts opinions. Rowan County North Carolina I found this this weekend in a field that has produced many Guilford points, Various Scrapers tools, what I believe to be morrow mountain points etc. etc. Just wanted to see if anyone had any opinions or thoughts on this...
  18. How old is this AXE & HAMMER?

    Anyone out there know how old or what century this Axe and Hammer were from? The both look antique especially the axe. Any info would be great! I tested it with a magnet and it does stick to both.
  19. Grinding Stone and Hoe

    I found these two items on our old farm when I was 10 years old, that was over 30 years ago. We lived in northern Heard County in western Georgia. I know the Creeks lived there. Not sure about the Cherokee. The grinding stone has two pits on one side and one larger pit on the other and are...
  20. Mystery Metal Spear and Axe - Can someone ID these?

    The spear and axe below were found in the 1970s by my father and uncle on a very remote hilltop in Southern Utah (near Bryce and Zion national parks) hidden under the roots of an old dead tree. Anyone have a guess as to their origin. I'm guessing either a late 19th or early 20th century...