Feb 16, 2015
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Maybe you can help I am new at dredging I have a highbanker and a 9400 gph clear water pump sluice is 7 inch by 24 then flares out to 10 inch by 36 and has gold hog matting anyway I bought suction hose for my suction nozzle and am realizing its way to stiff my question is what type of hose do I need to buy I have googled and not found much help so any info would help this newb out thanks and God bless

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I ran into the same problem until I corrected it and ordered from rosewind mining co, order the suction and pressure hose from them and you will get exactly what you need... I now have 45 feet of wasted stiff hose. But Tom at rosewind took care of me..

There are a number of online and brick and mortar stores where you can get the proper hose. We dont know what part of the country you are in or we could recommend a store close to you.
The product you are looking for is Tigerflex

Any mining supply will have it usually at a higher price than is usually paid but check around. If you live in a large city that has a rubber supply business, then you can go in there and have them show you what they have. If you tell them that you want the clear flow flexible suction hose for a dredge and tell them what you need they will set you up exactly. Capital Rubber in Sacramento carries the Tigerflex that Bonaro is talking about but you probably have a store near you that will work. Because you are using a small hose the Tigerflex, though it is the best, isn't needed on a small dredge under 2½". Also for smaller communities most plumbing stores carry 3" and smaller. Some call it Jacuzzi hose because they use the 2" on them also. Or you can pick one of the dealers here on our forum and they will set you up :)

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Thanks for taking the time to reply I am in Indiana and am kind of close to indianapolis
So tiger flex or jucuzzi hose will work also you guys are great

Kanaflex rocks 151 variety. UV protection is a absolute necessity and as you've now learned so is flexibility-John

Since you already have some hose that is "not very flexible" you might consider using a section of it coupled to your new flexible hose. I "couple" hose often to make a longer reach to my nozzle. I like to be able to switch length often (more suction with short)....so I always have two lengths handy.

You will often find that people use an "Inner sleeve coupler". I prefer not to! It reduces your hose diameter and creates "hose clogs". I prefer an outer rubber "repair boot" and keep it attached to my "other hose" I use for increased length". Anyway the stiff hose can be used since you already have it.


Thanks for input, I ordered new hose from Keene 25 foot but how long is to long vs suction? Does it depend on pump or hose size or both?

Legnth depends on how you are using it. A 2" floating dredge just needs to have a hose that you can use for long arming. Then if the hose is kept short enough, you just pull the dredge along with you and quickly snipe an area holding the 8 foot hose - or 6 foot if you are 5 feet tall with a rope around the dredge and connected around your waist. But if you're going to have the dredge on shore then depending on the pump maybe a 12 foot hose but no more than that is needed usually. When you are talking 25 feet, that will need a strong pump because the amount of suction does depend on the suction hose length. If you don't have enough suction after building it, pull the hose off and check the suction at the end of the jet by putting your hand over it on a small dredge. If there is lots with the hose off then cut the hose until the desired suction is obtained.

makes sense thanks for your input on that reed this truley is a great forum with quick response and lots of help
happy hunting

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