1. Need help. Been working on this riddle since last year. Final answer should hopefully be about ancient Egypt.. looking for Insight.

    help with riddle please. Noticed afew random capitals along it as well
  2. Recruiting Historians and real Treasure hunters

    Howdy all, I'm a creative producer. A few years ago I was here because one of my Youtube clients was in need of something new - and so I set to work building big ideation for him. It ended up evolving into something much bigger than a Youtube video however and instead of working with a Youtuber...
  3. Kansas gold

    Found in Kansas along the Santa Fe trail, 1852 gold dollar coin, can’t go back to find more due to new landowners which is a grump farmer 🫤. Need a treasure to chase any known treasure tales or maps in Kansas or am I dreaming?
  4. Sweet find more than a foot down with the deus 2.

    I took my new machine out to test ot and found this awesome thing. I have a big hunt planned for tomorrow. Hopefully uncover more cool history.
  5. Bahama treasure found near Walkers Key

    Follow along on Youtube with "The Outdoors with Carl Allen" Exploration Here is a few recent finds. August 2023. They bring up more every week or so.
  6. Hello I am new to metal detecting and need help.

    Hi I’m Shane, I recently was painting at a mans house he just bought and we found a Whites Prizm 2 metal detector in the attic. I asked about it and he told me to take it 😁😁😁 I took it home powered it up and it works! I found Pennie’s and some metal stuff in the back yard within 20 mins of...
  7. Need help identifying a cannon found in a river

    We found this cannon in a river and we hope to identify it, is it civil war era or napoleonic? Was it in a battle or on a merchant ship, as yet there are no markings but im waiting for the FLO to get in touch so i dont want to clean it too much, any help will be appreciated
  8. Gov. Cooper signs bill repealing ‘Blackbeard’s Law’; videographer continues litigation against state

    “The repeal came after eight years of litigation and is apparently triggered by the State’s realization that it had no legitimate defense to at least one of the federal court claims: that Blackbeard’s Law was a constitutionally prohibited ‘Bill of Attainder’ — a bill that targets and harms an...
  9. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED My brother and I went out in Indiana looking for these supposed JESSE JAMES tree carvings

    watch the video id like to know if you guys think the pile of rocks is a burial mound and what the arborglyphs are about maybe jesse james?
  10. Found a 209 year old 14K GOLD Georgian era mourning brooch!

  11. Extremely Rare 1830's South Carolina Nullification Cuff Button!

    I was lucky over the weekend and dug my second 1830's South Carolina Nullification Cuff Button. Not too many of these are known to exist so, I'm super excited to have dug 2 in 10yrs of metal detecting. Thanks for looking!
  12. California Legends

    As a newbie I've been reading non-stop to learn the history of the Southwest Frontier. One thing I noticed here on TN is the vast majority of legends, finds & interests of treasure hunters have been in Arizona & New Mexico, which mainly have been Jesuit, Franciscan, Dominican Mission & Aztec era...
  13. Intersal, Inc. - Contract – Shipwreck Salvage – Media Rights - Queen Anne's Revenge

    The plaintiff - Intersal, Inc. argues that, after it spend a decade locating the wreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge (QAR), the parties entered into a contract (the 2013 Agreement) to govern the treatment of the digital media and other matters related to the QAR but that the North Carolina...
  14. Ancient Persian Treasure

    Some people in Iran recently found a very impressive hoard of ancient Persian treasure underground on lands that belong to them. What should they do next?
  15. Found a Bitcoin!

    Found another scattering of 1oz copper bullion coins in the surf, and one was a bitcoin! Easiest $20,000 I ever made. 🤣 Also, yes, I know it's not actually worth $20,000, it's just a piece of copper :D
  16. Hello guys, This is a rabbit shape rock with signs. can you please help me decode it? It would be very much appreciated.

  17. Benedict Arnolds lost gold

    I have been researching Benedict Arnolds lost gold on his way to Quebec in 1775. I've found the maps, read the accounts of a couple journals, and even his letters to George Washington. I can't seem to find anywhere where he, or anyone for that matter confirms losing a chest full of gold on the...
  18. Bahamas Treasure Find! Your experience needed asap! Spanish/Dutch treasure and artifacts.

    Years ago, a Spanish ship filled with silver treasure was found off the south coast of the Bahamas where I am staying. I have dived that site and found parts of the ship. Yesterday however, I believe I may have found a real gem! At first I thought it was an old bottle, but when I picked it up it...
  19. Topsail island huge ruby!

    My mother found this thing (maybe a brooch) on south Topsail beach. She found it as if it had just washed up, it appears to be very old and worn. The ruby in the center is very large, 10 carats at least if I had to guess. Between the holes in it there are flowers, floral design, I can upload...