1. Ancient Persian Treasure

    Some people in Iran recently found a very impressive hoard of ancient Persian treasure underground on lands that belong to them. What should they do next?
  2. Found a Bitcoin!

    Found another scattering of 1oz copper bullion coins in the surf, and one was a bitcoin! Easiest $20,000 I ever made. 🤣 Also, yes, I know it's not actually worth $20,000, it's just a piece of copper :D
  3. Hello guys, This is a rabbit shape rock with signs. can you please help me decode it? It would be very much appreciated.

  4. Benedict Arnolds lost gold

    I have been researching Benedict Arnolds lost gold on his way to Quebec in 1775. I've found the maps, read the accounts of a couple journals, and even his letters to George Washington. I can't seem to find anywhere where he, or anyone for that matter confirms losing a chest full of gold on the...
  5. Bahamas Treasure Find! Your experience needed asap! Spanish/Dutch treasure and artifacts.

    Years ago, a Spanish ship filled with silver treasure was found off the south coast of the Bahamas where I am staying. I have dived that site and found parts of the ship. Yesterday however, I believe I may have found a real gem! At first I thought it was an old bottle, but when I picked it up it...
  6. Topsail island huge ruby!

    My mother found this thing (maybe a brooch) on south Topsail beach. She found it as if it had just washed up, it appears to be very old and worn. The ruby in the center is very large, 10 carats at least if I had to guess. Between the holes in it there are flowers, floral design, I can upload...
  7. Jim Reynolds Gang Loot

    So I’ve been researching this story thoroughly, they’re on the run with vigilantes on their tail, run around mount Logan through Geneva gulch and a horse dies, then they go to the headwaters of deer creek, see an old mine shaft and hastily bury the loot, and stabbed a knife into a dead tree to...
  8. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Found some sort of ore, not sure if it is zinc, nickel, or silver??? Can anyone help me out pls??

    I would appreciate the help identifying it thanks!!! And as always keep hunting!
  9. Anyone that can help with today's find would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    So I moved to NC and got near 1.5 acres of land. To the left of my house is not mine but there's over 200 acres. I don't much about the area but wanted to see if there was history here. Found some great items letting me know that there indeed was life before they cleared some of this land. Would...

    We have been finding amazing things but help with maps could be great. We have found stone heads and turtles. Even heart shaped rocks. If you can really help with maps email me.
  11. Help is this maybe saxon

    I found this in bucks uk. It looks to be made of copper and would of had 5 silver stones painted black in but only 2 remain . On the back you can see the fastener. Please any help would be good. I also found another silver ingot within 2 meters of the brooch that is rectangled and weighs...
  12. Blessings and Peace

    Blessings and Peace

    whats in the sand
  13. References about Gold & Hidden Treasures

    Feel free to download assorted references about hidden treasures.
  14. Treasure Hunting Magazine for FREE!!!

    Found 2 issues of Treasure Hunting magazine on the internet and I'm sharing this for FREE. Downloadable PDFs for December 2021 and January 2022.
  15. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED What is this, silver?

    I dug this up about 5 miles North of Sweetwater, TX.
  16. Engrave leaves sign 58ft need an advice yamashita treassure hunter

  17. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED I found this in the Deserts of the Southwest United States with my Gold Detector.

    I found this buried up a Canyon in the Deserts of the U.S southwest. It was inside a 100 year old lard can that was sealed with a lid and wrapped in what appeared to be calico that turned to ash when I unwrapped it. The corner had already been sawn off when I found it and still shines brightly...
  18. Cool Arizona Desert Find!

    I found these live .50 Caliber Browning Machine gun rounds in the Arizona desert at the end of last season. I had found several casings before but these were the first live rounds I had detected. General Patton trained his troops all over the Western deserts of Arizona and Eastern California and...
  19. Treasure in Australia

    A story passed down from my grandad to my dad and then to me about treasure somewhere on the coast of Australia has got me very curious so I thought I'd come here to ask a few questions. -If a significant amount of treasure is found in Australia does anyone know the legality of claiming...