Finding Gold at the Marshall Gold Discovery Site ( Sutter's Mill ) California Gold Rush


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Oct 18, 2005
Northern California
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Finding Gold at the Marshall Gold Discovery Site ( Sutter's Mill ) California Gold Rush

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Ever wanted to find Gold at the spot that started the California Gold Rush in 1848 ?
Well come along for a tour of the Marshall Gold Discovery Park and Sutter's Mill along the banks of the South Fork of the American River.
James Marshall discovered Gold here in Coloma January 24 1848 while constructing a Mill for John Sutter that started the Great California Gold Rush.
Lets see if we can find some Gold just like they did back in 1848 !!!

SG 053

Thanks for watching...


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May 29, 2005
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I think the world events have wiped out the good ole days and NOW it's time to create new "good ole day's" that fits our mode of operation ! It's hard to NOT think of making new friends that have similar like's and creating "our " new "good ole days" ! After all , what good is a dream if you can't chase it ! :coffee2::icon_thumleft:


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Jan 16, 2013
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Went there a few times to picnic when we lived in Fair Oaks. A goose was there one time and it grabbed onto the ankle of my oldest daughter when she was maybe 7 years old. I grabbed that goose by the neck and pulled it off, because it wasn't letting go. My daughter was really freaking out over that ordeal.

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