For Silvercop, a reply to an old post about West Point GA


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Feb 24, 2006
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Way back in April, Silvercop wrote:
> i live near west point ga and thought about doing some md'ing in some places if i can get permission. anyone ever hunted close to west point?

Silvercop, though I haven't personally relic-hunted in the West Point GA area, I know with certainty that some very rare Confederate artillery projectiles were found at a cannon emplacement there, by relic-hunters, back during the 1970s.

The Official Records ("War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies") are now available in keyword-searchable format on the Internet, at the Ohio State University website and Cornell University website, if I recall corectly. Go there and do a keyword search of the ORs for the location "West Point Georgia". That should give you some leads for civil war military sites near where you live.

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