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Apr 19, 2020
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I found this door in the attic of a 1910 house. Since it was up there for who know how long, it has cracks in it and I’m going to restore it. Does anyone know what era this is from? I need to get new hardware and was to get age appropriate or if have you, repro, it need help identifying what era it came from. Thanks! 2767FAE5-D3D5-458B-9DF0-7487E3F4740E.jpeg2DE7F830-E87F-41DE-B39E-CEB23A2DEACA.jpeg

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in my opinion, it looks just like doors I've seen in Home Depot back in the 1990's

in my opinion, it looks just like doors I've seen in Home Depot back in the 1990's

I’d be fine with that too. I kept it because I like the spider web design in the center. The door is all solid wood and really heavy, and has floating panels, so that’s what makes me think older.

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Cool door,, but if it is so heavy,, why would you put it in the attic??

I have idea why the previous people put it in the attic, or how, because it’s verrrry heavy. Just me moving it around the garage to get it set up to work on was a chore.

Cool door !!! Congrats!!!

Thanks! I’ve been searching google for days and I can’t find another door like it and what led me to this site was someone posted a spider web lead glass oval that they took from a demo. I think they said the place was about 1880-1930 (if I remember correctly). I’m just trying to find an approximate age to get proper hardware once I’m done restoring it.

Sure looks older than 1990's. All that fitted beveled glass..
Very nice door!

Here’s some detail shots of that helps C7AA8218-45DC-47BD-8BDA-43B9221EEF48.jpg8C5A36B8-90C5-441C-A366-D618D36BC59A.png

Sure looks older than 1990's. All that fitted beveled glass..
Very nice door!

And the trim is more detailed than normal trim (I just posted close up photo of it from when I was sanding off wood filer from the cracks)

Do you know the wood species? Is that brown paint or is it mahogany? If it is mahogany, it is Honduran and is a very nice door.

Great door and looks like a real find. Keep us updated on the restoration.

You never know what's going to turn up in the attic...

It looks like a modern door to me, complete with modern .deadbolt and modern handle. They just may not have liked the style and didn’t know what to do with the door.

I might agree with the modern responses if I only saw the inside, but from the look of the outside, I believe it is period to the house itself, replaced at some point, put in the attic where the heat during the summers severely dried the wood causing the checking in the panels. Analysis of the paint on the bottom layers would tell a big part of the story.

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Looks almost identical to the door on my current 1989 house. The thing is, I'm sure these modern doors are copying a style from the past. The devil will be in the details on this one.

The question seems to be if it is vintage or a modern reproduction/imitation. I'm leaning towards more modern (+- 50 years) based on the interior lock set, but more info would be helpful.

What is the thickness of the door at the edge? (1-3/4", 2-1/4", etc.)
We need closeup images of the edges and of the "leaded" material used for edging the beveled glass. Top, bottom, and sides of the door.

Locks may have been added/changed at any time. Older mortise type locks could have been filled and re-drilled and would probably only bee seen by you with a close examination as you are sanding the paint. Take a minute to sand all the way to the bare wood to see if you can see and wooden "plugs" or fillers for an older mortise lock set.

Interlocking copper weather stripping was in use in the 40's(?) through 60's on some homes for keeping drafts down.

ps. Gold Maven, your link goes the the Colorodo DOT Webcam site. Interesting but no woodworking tools there I could see.

EDIT: Even an image of the hinge with a ruler next to it for scale would help.

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