Found Lost Keys in a 2+ Acre Field for friend!!! :)


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Feb 16, 2015
Vicenza (Military)
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XP Deus V3.2 11" Coil, Bounty Hunter Platinum Edition, Garrett Pro-Pointer
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Metal Detecting
DEUS XP (Metal Detector) does it again... :)
The picture below is Camerand Ersch and me. It turns out Cam lost his car keys in a 2+ acre field across the street. He'd been playing and running around it with his dog. His wife (Celia) had been out all week long searching for his keys and he had done the same after work each day. Cam called me to see if we could use the detectors to find the lost keys (Car FOB,keys, remote start, & proximity key).... Well, it took less than 5 MINUTES to find the keys with our detectors!!! On a bad note, Cam and I didn't get to do much detecting since we found the keys soo fast, and on a good note, Rebecca Colburna, Celia Ersch, Baby Dustin, Cam & I got to hang out for half a day!!! We ate at the Steak n Shake restaurant in Verona, Italy. I highly recommend this restaurant. When all was said and done, Cam said he's GOT TO GET A METAL DETECTOR now!!! I think his wife agrees!!! :)

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