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Aug 31, 2020
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Clone pulse dive
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I was going over some notes and remembered a site ...If someone into diving down 100 feet ...In Basay Philippines there a Rare airplane in the sea ..I have no idea how many are left in the world but i will guess 4 out of 1102 made ....the notes are about 10 years old ...I knew of the WW2 story and a diver found the plane and i told him the type after he described what he found ....Its intact on the bottom it landed after running out of fuel and sunk ...One just like this one sunk the Ommaney Bay escort carrier on 01-04-1945 ...The diver moved the rear 13mm ammo can to the wing he told me it was to heavy to bring to the surface ..Remember the plane probably still has a large bomb or many small bombs total up to 2000 lbs or a 1800 pound torpedo ...Its possible they could still be live ...loaded weight is 11.5 tons ...The top is missing ...Type Yokosuka PIY - Ginga ...2 engine , crew 3 ...49 feet long , wingspan 65.5 feet , nose 20 mm gun , rear 13mm type 2......Not my cup of tea .....Have fun if interested it still there most fishermen can't dive this deep ...

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