Good Week So Far and My Second Silver Bicentennial!!!


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Apr 10, 2012
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Well, I have found 16 40%ers in $4,000 in halves already this week! I'm super pumped. It was a good week last week and another good one this week too. All my finds came from MWR in delivered boxes. The best part was that I found MY SECOND SILVER BICENTENNIAL!!! It's absolutely bananas! I went for years with never finding any, and now two within a few weeks of each other. The only thing I know for sure about coin roll hunting is that you just have to keep at it. Happy Hunting!!!


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Forgot the count!: 1976 (1), 1965 (3), 1967 (12). Pretty weird mix, huh?

Congrats on the finds! I'm still looking for my first bicentennial silver or any silver proof. I have only found a clad proof so far. HH!

Great hit!!

Im still looking for this one too... found a silver plated (non S mark) and thought it was for a bit... then dissapointed when someone told me they had to have the S mark to be silver... doh


Very nice Otl! I have found 6 so far in the last year ( 4 in one box a couple of weeks ago), they are weird but cool to find. HH, Maverick.

The last $2,000 had a '61 Franklin in there too! Good stuff.

Great and inspiring finds! I'm approaching that level of volume with my halves, just not the success rate yet. :) Keep it up!

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