got my first 2 garda boxes today


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Dec 30, 2008
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the loomis boxes are dry here. brinks is hit and miss. always wanted to try a few garda boxes. have seen where there have been some pretty good scores out of them in the past. well i finally got the vault teller to order me 2 boxes at the only bank around here that is supplied by gardia. i had asked the other vault teller there for months but she kept giving me excuses on why she couldn't so when she moved on and a new vault teller came in i was quick to hit her up. well got them and went through them today. box one gave up one 40% and box two was a skunk. oh well, one is better than none.
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Darth Walker

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Jan 10, 2009
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I also get Garda. My last Garda box produced 1 Benn, 2 Kenns 90%, and 1 Kenn 40%.

Before this I almost gave up on Garda since I was thinking that they cull silver for not finding anything in a few boxes I had ordered through out time.
For the bank I work for I can order Garda Boxes but of course I do not abuse it. I just ask for one box once in a while.

I just find out that before I found my dream box from Brinks I had a lot of skunks before from brinks the only difference is that when you find a dream box we forget about the skunks.

Good Luck next time.

On other related post check my post related getting coins from a bank legally but later finding out were stolen. You are a cop and your input is appreciated.


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