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I kinda still have to go with "enlightened path", which is a vine leaf, but that is more or less a old Roman/Greek rendition, other than something representing birth or birth control. Spanish/Catholic have there own twist and cut the lobes as Sandy1 already knows (mostly like the red one and the half white one but they all seem to have a cut lobe). View attachment 1357404View attachment 1357405View attachment 1357406
Small red one is where lines lead from other close markers, but haven't spent much time on it, large one by my foot is off a line of large markers (the largest is a huge propped up greek looking head 80+ ton boulder), but changes direction 60 degrees off the heart to another spot and the heart is rotated that way from lobes lobes thru tip. Last one is next to a large boulder in a triangle that you go somewhere else not far by using the triangle ..

Seems they are all little different, maybe slight different meanings to each group. But they are certainly on many of these sites, sometimes just in shadows but always on some sort of alignment. People often pick them up when they find them for their mother's flower gardens, which I suppose is thought very sweet of them.

What are other people's thoughts, as I am interested in that as well.


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I have used them as trail markers, I have used them for cross lines to buried markers, I have found them buried
I always say fill your heart with gold when i see one but that just sounds good and keeps me looking for more.

It doesn't surprise me no one replied to your last thread big D, already they're headed down the spanish "rabbit hole" as springfeild (sinc) would call it :)

The day I get an apology from some of these people is the day I will show them what the heart means......until then forget it. :laughing7:

I have always thought that one thought is to use the pointed end much like a bow and arrow bottom part thru the lobes, To me it is just another directional indicator, lay it on the ground / straight ahead / if its on an angle then use it much like you would when you shoot an arrow 10 degrees / 20 degrees / 30 degrees, if you have a measurement then add the distance to the what you are working with. Where did the Crown Jewels in England come from ????? ( Wal-Mart )

Sometimes it points like Dsty says, sometimes just the opposite, sometimes a longer lobe points, sometimes a cut points, sometimes it just is there on a line, sometimes it is just there by another marker.. Bob632 mentioned in a different thread ( http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/treasure-marks-signs/431985-wow-17-years-posting-tnet-3.html ) about some literature speaking of placing a heart shaped rock in the West gable of a church, I have read that specific literature before as well. Still no meaning of it though, it just says it was believed to be placed there and was thrown down in a storm. Likely related to Christ, which is Spanish /Caltholic as Sandy1 has pointed out.

Here's what I believe happened to a lot of the hearts, T-hunters picked them as souvenirs because they didn't have any idea how to use them. This is a photo I picked up off another website, the person who posted is no longer with us, and was really after this stuff and could recognize alot of the monuments. It's just there isn't and never has been much of anything known or published on what to do when you are in among the markers/monuments. HPIM0141.JPG

AS with any trail -- In My opinion --- the first thing to is to decide what the trail is for, is it water, camp, rest stop, settlement, church, Royal Trail, mines, what are you looking for, league square is the most common, possibly 80 percent will be those because every league square was surveyed Border to Border and from Coast to Coast Just in Oklahoma there ( if memory serves me ) 320 square league's in side of the State of Oklahoma, that's a lot of carvings folks, a close guess would be 20 inside and around the league square, some will be shared and noted at the site 3 / 4 directions at the corner markers.

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