Hello! Another one from Minneapolis, MN!


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Feb 15, 2013
Minneapolis, MN
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Hey guys! So I've recently started investing in precious metals vs. my 401k which has not done well in the past years. Thus, a new passion of mine has started! PRECIOUS METALS!!

My name is Corey and lately I've been all about Silver/Gold collecting. now, being from Minnesota I've been blessed with an affinity of nature. I go hiking/camping/fishing a lot around Minnesota with my fiancee and there have been a number of times where I wished I had a gold pan! There is SO MUCH untapped potential here in Minnesota for this hobby. I'm so excited for 2013!

This site kept coming up in my searches so i thought I would start here, and there seems to be a lot of hobbies-ts already here so why not?!

I'm in the starting phase of this adventure, procuring tools/researching the spots, by this summer I'll be a prospector in no time ;p

The reason I've started this hobby is simple:
Gold is a beautiful metal, used in quite a few things. I'm outside a lot as it is, might as well have a hobby that will pay for itself. I am not looking to strike it big, just to have fun, collect some metals and enjoy the beauty of it!

Thanks in advance for a warm welcome and I hope to help/learn/grow with you guys!

hello and welcome from st. paul here's a pic of some gold I found in bloomington to wet your appetite...
bloomington gold.jpgbloomington gold 2.jpg

Hello, and welcome from Louisiana.....

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