Hello from Michigan!


Jul 21, 2016
Detector(s) used
Garrett Ace 300
Primary Interest:
Metal Detecting
Hello all! My name is Brennan, I am 19 years old and I just got my first metal detector. I joined the forum to interact with other people and learn a lot about the sport. Currently I haven't found much, a couple .22 casings and some pennies, but I know I'll learn a lot that will help me along the way. Other than beginning metal detecting, I have a YouTube channel where I upload outdoor videos such as bushcrafting, a couple gear reviews every now and then, and hopefully soon some detecting videos. I'm a student in college studying photography and I work at Menards. If anyone can give me some beginner advice about metal detecting, all info will be helpful! Thanks to everybody!

Welcome aboard B Jones to TNET might think about putting in a coin - trash & jewelry garden - items buried at various depths and practice with your ACE 300. Garrett does make very good detectors & I wish you many great finds with your 300 while out dirt fishin.

Texas ED

Get that degree. You're already on the train to success , Welcome to TNet and good luck in college...

Thank you very much, I will be sure to do that!

Greetings from Minnesota! :hello:

Looking forward to seeing some of your future finds. :thumbsup:

Welcome Aboard Brennan! Take a look at Sub-Forums: Michigan for information (i.e., clubs, etc.) directly related to your state.

Post the channel link here and I will make sure to subscribe. And welcome aboard from another newbie :)

Welcome Brennan! The best way to get started is to watch YouTube videos on your detector, proper digging techniques, etc., read the manual, and sprinkle some coins on the grass and practice swinging over them. Once you have done all that, start digging up your yard!



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