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Apr 25, 2014
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During the fires in southern Oregon this last year, there were numerous raod closures (manned barricades) at points leading into or through the area of fire activity. A few of these roads were main access points to the mountain range of our Mineral Estate. People were being told only ones exempted from the closures were Federal, State, or local officer, or member of any organized recue or fire fighting force. Everyone else (mine owners included) are required to get written permission from the local District Ranger. But yet, if one were to read the Closure Order and the EXemption one would be directed to general prohibitions at 36 CFR § 261.1 - Scope. And lo and behold one finds miners/mine owners are already exempt by and through the mining law. No District Ranger written permission required.

(b) Nothing in this part shall preclude activities as authorized by the Wilderness Act of 1964 or the U.S. Mining Laws Act of 1872 as amended.

Now having and carrying a copy of 36 CFR § 261.1 - Scope, with yellow highlighted section above, and having copies of ORS that explain the penalties for interfering with our rights under the mining law, all but for 1 time, we given passage without intimidation or threat of arrest. We found out later from a friend monitoring scanner chat, that 1 time we were told we were going to be arrested, law enforcement was call on us, but would not engage us.

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