📗 How to use the Banner Finds system on the new software.


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The Banner Finds system on the new software is a bit different than the old system. This thread should hopefully show you how the new system works. On the new system there is no need to nominate a post. Instead, we simply use the number of "Votes" on the post, or the number of positive reactions (Likes, etc.). Some banner finds come in categories other than Today's Finds and My Best Finds. In that situation simply vote with a positive reaction (Again, Likes).

📋 The rules for the section can be found in this thread: Banner Finds Rules


In the above image you can see an area to create a thread. Make note that it does say ⚠️ Make your first attachment the image you want to be used as the thumbnail! ⚠️ The thread view page uses the first attachment to create the thumbnail, and it will also be the image that shows up in the Banner Finds carousel. So this is pretty important.

Once you've created your thread, other users will be able to vote on it.


The particular post above is already a Banner Finds recipient. Off to the right you can see the green strip with 88 votes. You can vote on a thread either by clicking the up arrow above the number or by giving any positive reaction. If you like the post, you'll see the counter go up.

The old system used the "Report Post" function, please do not use that here. Simply voting on the find is all that is necessary. In some other sections of the site, you'll notice that we don't have any voting system. It's only enabled on a couple of sections. In the other sections, like the post with the "Banner Finds" icon if you can, otherwise any other positive like will also count towards the vote.

If you hover your mouse over the number of votes, you'll see a black line underneath show up. If you click on that line you can see who has voted 🗳️ on the thread. If you click too high on the number, it's the same as clicking on the vote button. You can add or remove your vote at any time, but we'd prefer if you did not do that.

Hope this small tutorial will help you in using the new Banner Finds system.
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