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  1. I FOUND a NEW GOLD VEIN - Colorado Gold Prospecting!

    Wow! Today I find a whole bunch of new gold veins⛏ This area looks to hold some real potential for lode gold mining. The vein that I sampled did show free milling gold! I will have to get back to this area and sample all of these potential gold deposits. Which vein out there would you...
  2. Did I just find the Lost Gold Mine? Prospecting and Detecting

    Life changing gold is still out there! Grab the chisel, sledge, metal detector and off we go! Prospecting for gold takes us into some pretty wild and dangerous areas. When searching for lode gold, one must always keep their eyes peeled, looking for indicators. Let's go hardrock gold...
  3. GOLD MINES EVERYWHERE! Exploring Leadville Colorado!

    Hey Guys, thought you might enjoy this explore of Leadville. It's turning to winter up here already. This area now has a dusting of snow covering it from last night. If anyone knows mine owners in the area, feel free to let them know that I would be happy to help them explore and sample their...
  4. Gold Mining Geology Tour of Claim

    Truly Amazing geologic features are uncovered in today's exciting exploration! This is mountain lion🐆 country and we find an active Cougar Den and feeding site! Let's learn about gold mining geology of the Cougar Den Mining Claim⛏️
  5. CRAZY NEW CONTRAPTION to Find More Gold!

    ⚫️Black Sands made EASY! It runs on Auto Pilot! This new 🧲magnetic separator machine will help you find more gold! Today we do a full rundown of the Electro Magnetic Separator and Dry Feed Auger to 🔥assay our placer black sands for gold. The results with Shock You! They are definitely not...
  6. STRAIGHT FROM THE VEIN! Simple Gold Recovery and Smelting

    600 POUNDS💪 of ore jackhammered right out of the mine⛏! This simple gold recovery method can be used by anyone to recover free milling gold from rock. We are essentially doing 2, 300lb fire assays to quantitate the real-world values from this here gold mine. How much gold will we recover...
  7. MELTING GOLD BULLION - Gold Bars in Box Furnace

    Hope you all had a most wonderful Thanksgiving!! We fire up the box furnace and start melting gold bullion! Dirty, dull sponge gold turns into beautiful gold bars and we end up with a huge shiny gold button! There are many ways to melt gold and pour a bar but the best way is to use what you have.
  8. SCREAMER IN THE WALL! - Metal Detecting Gold in an Abandoned Mine!

    We re-open a Gold Mine deep in the Wilderness to discover its hidden treasures! Metal detecting gold and relics in the mine helps us to date the past workings. The gold ore samples collected show good free milling gold values which are encouraging enough for us to start small scale...
  9. HUGE 246 gram Button! SMELTING GOLD - Colorado Gold Mining

    What a day! This 500 gram assay yields a 246 gram button! Melting rocks, blazing white heat and beautiful gold, what more could you ask for! Fire Assaying is a time tested technique to quantify precious metal values within any given rock. Melting rocks is just about as fun as blowing up rocks!

    CRUSHING GOLD! We got our hardrock sampling circuit dialed in with 2 inline rock crushers that feed directly into the shaker table for gold recovery. Gold ore is fed into the jaw crusher where it is reduced to 1/2 inch minus and drops onto a conveyor. The conveyor feeds directly into a...

    👀Check your shorts at the adit, you're gonna need a fresh pair! Hehe, but seriously, exploring old mines is not something to take lightly. Do not enter☠️! Do not go in without proper training, equipment or an escape plan! Would you crawl into that small drift next to the rat hotel?
  12. Prospecting for Gold Ore and Motherlode Gold + DOWSING

    What a day! We locate 2 veins. I show you how we find gold veins⛏ Prospecting for gold ore can be tremendous fun and rewarding if you know what to look for. Rock types, geologic features and subtle clues can help lead you to the gold🕵️*♀️ What is your take on dowsing?
  13. 24 hr's of GOLD MINING MADNESS! Lode Gold Mines and Metal Detecting

    I dig deep on my quest for 7 Gold Nuggets💪 We explore multiple lode gold mines and metal detect! I'm on a mission this trip. The intense search and hunting is what gold prospecting is all about. These explorations lead to me finding some tremendously rich mining claims and gold ore⛏
  14. COLORADO GOLD CAMP Private Mining Claims in Colorado and Beyond

    (Deleted by mod for rule infraction, non supporting vendor advertising.) The forum said: "Share Our Club" so I did. Not trying to break any rules. ADMIN: Please Delete this Thread. I cannot seem to do so. Thanks
  15. Jack Hammer Gold Mining! GOLD MINER pulls TONS OF ORE!

    Gold mining Made Easy, well at least a bit easier ;) Produce tons of rich gold ore in no time! We bust out the electric jack hammer and get to work on the vein! Gold mining takes fortitude but this jackhammer makes life much easier for the gold miner!
  16. We cut some gold ore into Cabochons. Came out nice!

    I collected some ore from deep down in a mine last fall. This stuff was quartz rich and stable which made it suitable for cabbing. Something to think about for highgrade specimens. Makes some nice jewelry.
  17. Lapidary from Gold Mine to Cut Cabochon!

    How to cut GOLD ORE Cabochons. We found these specimens deep in a mine⛏ and turn them into jewelry.

    Today we take a look at and sample some Gold Veins. We're calling this property the "GOLDEN GOOSE" because every single vein that we've sampled so far has shown gold With some basic skills, maybe you can find the next Big Gold Deposit, Get Some
  19. She found Super Highgrade Gold Ore with her Eyeballs!!

    She's got laser eyes! Chunk of extremely rich gold vein found. Prospecting with this gal is unbelievable, so far she has found 4 pieces of gold just with her eyeballs. Now we need to find the vein. A ton of this same material would be worth around $500k! Wouldn't that be nice.
  20. Cha-Ching! RICH GOLD VEIN FOUND!

    How would you develop this vein. A declined tunnel from here? A short shaft then drift? Supposedly the ores get richer at depth in this area but it sure is nice being closer to the surface! We proceed to jackhammer out buckets of gold bearing rock! Now this is what it's all about! Hope...