I found my first Mineral!!!


Aug 11, 2014
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It's nothing spectacular, lets not jump out of our seats. But it's my first. But I have researched a lot to I.D it and I am stuck on a couple. Maybe someone can help me out?

My first inclination is that it's feldspar of some sort.

My second says it's druzy quartz, because on the back where I can't clean, there are thousands of tiny crystals.

My third says dolomite.

My fourth says "you're completely wrong and you need to learn more".

I also can't get the dirt off? Any suggestions? I tried laundry detergent and 24 hours. I did find it near a heavily iron laden area, but I'm pretty sure it's just dirt.

It makes a white streaks, hardness between 4-7, I found it in South Central Pa.

I did edit these images a little bit, just clarity, color and contrast so you guys could see the crystals better and see the forms of them.

You can click pictures for bigger pictures.


If someone IDs it, can you tell me why... not because I'm questioning you, but because I am trying to learn.

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Congrats on your first mineral find! I believe you have a cool piece of Quartz. Feldspar is very "blocky" and has what look like "sheets".

Here is a photo from the web:


Here is a Feldspar variation that I found: (the blue piece is Blue Quartz)


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Also, I'm not sure if laundry detergent is a good idea. It's pretty harsh stuff. Mild dish soap would be better. Nylon brushes are my personal favorite (an old toothbrush is great). Ultrasonic cleaners are amazing, but I've read that you shouldn't use an ultrasonic cleaner on Beryls (Emerald/Aquamarine/Heliodor) or Opals.

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BB is right. Its most likely quartz. the lustre is quite typical of quartz.

Feldspar has what is called cleavage, a weakness in the atomic structure, making it "cleave" in "sheets".
Often reminds you of a staircase when viewed under magnification. Can't be scratched with a knife.

Dolomite is soft, and can easily be scratched with a knife. Also has cleavage.

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