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Apr 15, 2017
Dixon IL
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This was by far the best Half Dollar hunt ive ever had. I got 7 customer wrapped rolls from a local bank and found 35 (1964) 90% Silver Half Dollars 2 (1963) Ben Franklins 90% Silver & 97 40% Silvers from dates (1965 - 1969) This was n awesome hunt!!!


Here's a video if you want to watch me opening the rolls :)


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Gosh dang that would make my freaking week! Huge score you made there, congrats!

Like Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid." Stupidity cost that person around $350 on that deal. Bad for him, great for you!

Haha i gladly took it from the bank :)

Wow I thought I got a good bank haul this week of 14 90% and 34 40% ! YOU BLEW me out of the water!!!!!!!! Congrats

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