I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here that helped me and frankly educated me today


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Aug 22, 2013
Rolling Rock, Pennsylvania
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Minelab xterra, Whites DFX, Notka Makro Simplex. Folks the price don’t mean everything, the question is are you willing to put in the time to learn the machine, experience will pay off I guarantee it.
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All Treasure Hunting
No really folks as I sit on my porch in western Pennsylvania, beautiful day, for the folks that don’t appreciate anything, oh one day they will when they are single getting older, ok enough about that, it’s not about how many friends you think you have, if you have 1 or 2 man that’s special, most of my family has died, and a brother left in South Carolin. It’s hard to drive 10 hours to go there, no pity please. But I’ve been detecting on the serious side for 5 years, but off and on for decades. We do belong to an club in cortland, ohio. Tri- county metal detectors club, poor souls r getting old and health issues. Is this hobby uplifting to you as in peacefulness ,is this hobby gaining interest, and if so what state, is there a way to no. Anyhow I’ll let you kind people respond, I try to be kind and thoughtful, but some questions r repeated should be an educational topic for those, thankyou

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